New Rule to Force Change at Coca Cola Park

Announced this morning by Minor League baseball…

“Double-A, Triple-A to implement pitch clock”

Link to full story on

Apparently it worked so good being tested in the Arizona Fall League that the ownership decided to move forward with the idea.

Personally, I think it takes away from the lazy Sunday afternoon feel of a ballgame. The history. The relaxed and old time feel of baseball. Then again, I suppose if fans are riveted to a pitch clock it would help them be less likely to not pay attention resulting in a foul ball to the forehead. (Ask the Phillie Phanatic about that..)

So, expect a new time piece at Coca Cola Park this upcoming season.


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  1. I’m sorry, but this is stupid. You wanna play with that stuff in the fall league or rookie leagues, then fine. A good umpire will keep the game moving. I hope the clock at Coca Cola Park malfunctions as often as the radar gun, and they just turn it off.

  2. Wait, “negotiations with the players union are ongoing” means that there’s still time to kill this thing. I cannot believe they’ll do it. You think the Minor League parks want to pay to put that equipment in and then have less time to sell us beer and snacks? With less time to sober up, this could lead to more drunk driving problems. It’s just a bad idea and it needs to be killed.

    If they want to speed up games, find a way to make Hambone run faster. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  3. Seems unnecessary to me. Most pitchers we’ve had seemed to pitch too quickly, if anything. I’ve often commented that they seem in too much of a hurry, that they need to take a little more time to settle down and tame their wildness. Oh well, management knows best, right?

  4. I heard a bit about this last year and I believe they tried it out in the Independent Atlantic League.

    (other interesting time saving measures in there)

    One of our former IronPigs friends who worked for the Riversharks in Camden spoke about this and here’s the thing.

    Some of those games apparently last over 4 hours fairly often. She mentioned the level of play is often the cause so any way to speed up the game would be welcome there.

    But this is AAA. These are the guys just shy of the show. Not sure the whole thing transfers.

    For me, I love the long games – the longer the better but I’m probably in the minority – fan wise.

    We’ll give it the old college try and see what happens.

    More time for summer parties after the games!!

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