In Pigs We Trust

This time, there are no billboards.  There’s no social media blitz.  Heck, I can’t even smell bacon frying.  Nevertheless, the IronPigs have called a Press Conference for the purpose of making a “significant announcement” on Monday at 1PM.  It’s going to be a “noteworthy event” they tell me, and beverages will be served.  No mention of bacon, though.

Could this scoreboard get an upgrade? NoiseNation File Photo

Could this scoreboard get an upgrade?
NoiseNation File Photo

So what could it be?  We know it won’t be as big as the uniform “Smell the Change” campaign last season.  And maybe not even as significant as the “Top Secret, Eyes Only” Gildan AAA National Championship Game announcement of before.  But, it’s got to be more than an announcement of parking prices going up or a new food stand, right?  Anything of that level could be achieved via social media and a simple press statement.  The IronPigs have over 26,000 followers on Twitter and probably just as many “friends” on SpaceBook–and the Morning Call and Channel 69 are both sponsors, so getting the word out wouldn’t be a huge problem for the smaller stuff.  This has to be at least somewhat significant.

So let’s think about the timing.  Last season the Smell the Change was timed to culminate just prior to National Pig Day so that all the gear would be in the store for the event.  This season, the presser is timed to take place prior to the IronPigs Charities Winter Banquet which is fast approaching.  (Thursday, January 22.  Get tickets here.)  Perhaps it’s something they want to promote at the banquet?

Or, perhaps it’s something that will be quite obvious once it begins.  If they start ripping down that scoreboard to but up the new, beautiful HD display we all crave, someone will notice.  The same could be said of an LED Ribbon board around the club balcony.

So, of course, I took a drive past the park yesterday.  No sign of construction yet.  We’ll just have to wait until Monday to find out what they’ve got up their sleeve for 2015.  But they’ve never disappointed before.  Heck, I’m wearing a bacon hat right now, and I didn’t even like it when it came out.  It’ll be good this time, I know.

In Pigs We Trust.

See you at the presser (get my beverage ready),



What do you think it will be?  Leave your guess in the comments below.


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4 replies

  1. Maybe brass nameplates on all the seats of 72-game season ticket-holders? How ’bout a giant plexiglas dome over the whole ballpark to keep that wicked April wind and those magnificent summer thunderstorms from ruining even a single game? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. Cupholders for seats 14-20 in Section 108, row M. haha.

  3. Well, The Gyro Company, who had the food stand straight inside the East Gates, folded in November (I just found the printed menu from their final incarnation, at “Catapenn” in Bethlehem)… the sooner a replacement is named, the better!

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