“Three to Get Ready” or: “Hello, Allentown!”

“This way?  No.  This way.”

“Straight through.  Rock n’ Roll!”

“Hello, Cleveland!  Hello, Cleveland!”

“#@!%.  You must’ve made a wrong turn.”

“We gotta go another way.  Other way, other way.  Other way!”

–From “This is Spinal Tap”

Or, how does that song go?  One for the money/Two for the show/Three to get ready?

Well, the Binghamton Senators were’t ready last night, and the Phantoms got the three goals.  The three early goals–all within the first :38 seconds of the game and :21 seconds of each other, tying an AHL record for the fastest three goals by one team–paced the Phantoms to a 5-3 win last night at the PPL Center in Allentown.

Sources within the arena told us that the Senators didn’t arrive on time and didn’t have a chance to warm up properly.  There’s probably no truth to the rumors that they couldn’t find the arena on their first visit, or that they couldn’t find parking.  At any rate, the three quick goals held up and despite sloppy overall play and 44 shots by the Senators (they ALWAYS get that many shots…) it was a fun night of hockey.  And, it was an example of why it’s good to be at your seat on time rather than waiting in line for $2 dixie cups of Coors Light and foam–glad I wasn’t.

Here’s some video–each goal is shown several times:

See you at the arena,




For reference:

(may contain a bad word)




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