Lehigh Valley Professional Sports: Holiday Wishbook

Do you remember the Sears Christmas Wishbook?  Boy, I sure do.  I don’t remember exactly when it was delivered each year, but between Thanksgiving and Christmas I had that thing all but memorized.  Page by page, I knew the cool stuff and what was on my list.  I don’t remember ever GETTING any of it, but I remember I wanted stuff.

There’s no real Wishbook anymore, though.  The Wild West of the internet has replaced the old Wishbook tradition.  Heck, we’ve got stores open on Thanksgiving Day now, and overnight delivery and all of that.  It’s quite a change from 1981.

But, that doesn’t mean I don’t still want stuff.  I’ve learned by now I probably won’t get everything on my list.  I know it’s the season of giving, but I’ve already spent all my money on season ticket packages.  So, this is a list of the stuff I want from my sports teams:


I’ve given up on my wish for a green field–just like those walkie talkies I never got.  So instead, I wish for a home playoff game.   The SteelHawks have been in the playoffs the past two seasons–even made the championship last year–but we haven’t had a home playoff game yet.  It’s just the thing the ‘Hawks need to solidify their place in the Lehigh Valley Sports-scape.  With the move to the PPL Center Arena in Allentown, the SteelHawks will be attracting new fans, and hopefully creating the same exciting atmosphere we had in Bethlehem–and more.  I think a home playoff game (or two? I’m getting greedy…) is just what we need.  It would be easy for me to just put “winning” for each and every wish, but here, specifically, home playoffs.


People keep telling me what a great time it is at the Velodrome in Trexlertown on summer Friday nights.  But, for some reason, I still haven’t been.  So from the Velodrome, I wish for an invitation, and good weather on Friday nights.   No, they don’t need to personally invite me–they don’t owe me anything.  But, they should keep on plugging away, advertising, and letting people know what a great time it is.  Excellent food and drink options are just what I need–and they’ve got it!  It’s the cycling capital of the United States, and it’s two miles from my door.  I have no more excuses.  This one is on my New Year’s Resolution list as well:  I’ve got to get there this summer!  You should too.


For the Phantoms I wish good health.  There are a bunch of young and highly-regarded players on the team, and we’ve already experienced some injuries with Gostisbehere, Hextall and Alt.

From the Phantoms I wish for competitive and action-packed games to kick off their inaugural season in the Lehigh Valley.  Just a few night’s ago, both Mrs. Kram and NoiseNation Dan attended their first-ever hockey games.  Both enjoyed it and said that they’d be back.  It was a 3-2 win for the Phantoms.  I’m not so sure both would feel that way would it have been a 5-0 loss.  We’ve already had a bunch of good home games; I hope they continue.


The IronPigs are like that rich Aunt who can afford to buy you whatever you want.  Will she?  That’s another matter.  But in this case, we’ve already seen the IronPigs invest in their stadium and invest in their brand in the past.  We’ve seen new seating areas, tiki bars, whole new uniforms sets and other cool stuff.  And, we’ve gotten a little kicker–in the form of loaded ticket credit–as season ticket holders.  It’s all good.  What could I possibly want?  I wish for a new scoreboard.  I know it’s a luxury.  We have a perfectly good, working, scoreboard right now.  But technology moves forward.  Big gorgeous boards in Philly, Reading, and Moosic–not to mention 7th and Hamilton–have passed Coca Cola Park by.  As the number one destination in minor league baseball over the past several years, the park–and the fans–deserve the best new scoreboard Aunt Kurt can afford.  And while we’re wishing for stuff, let’s hire an additional intern who’s only job is to get replays up on that new board so that we can see what the heck just happened.

What do YOU wish for, from our professional franchises?  Leave your wishes in the comments section, and I’ll make sure they get to the proper “Santas.”


See you at the North Pole,


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2 replies

  1. I would LOOOOOOVE A home Playoff game for the Steelhawks! lol Tired of traveling on the road to try and bring home a Championship

  2. I agree with Mike, a Steelhawks Home Playoff game especially in our new nest!!! And of course, a CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

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