Phantoms + Snow

We’ve had plenty of experience around here with “IronPigs + Rain.”  By now, we know the rain policy, the rain date rules, and the strategies to use on days where the weather may play a role, and so on.

But what about snow, huh?  How about if it’s snowing like crazy, will the Phantoms cancel the game tonight?

AHL games have been cancelled in the past, but it’s the last, last resort–and only if the other team or the officials can’t get to town.  I also know:

  1. The game will be on.  Right up until it’s not.  If you ask or call or look online, everything will say that the game is ON 100%.  Then, they’ll cancel it if they decide to, later.  And they probably won’t.  Just like the IronPigs, canceling doesn’t really help anybody:  rescheduling is extremely difficult and they’ll avoid it at all  costs.  They’ll also want to avoid:  costs.  Hotel rooms and travel for another trip will be considered.
  2. “But, how am I gonna know?”  The internet is your friend.  Especially social media.  Follow the Phantoms on Twitter and Facebook, and refresh the web page before you leave.  That will be quicker than trying to get through to the staff on the phone.  Follow the beat reporters.  Once you hear that the other team made it to town, the game will be on.
  3. “What will be the factors in the decision?”  One of the biggest factors is the opposing team:  if they’re in town already–along with the officials–then the game will likely be played, fans or not.  It may also will have to do with the roads and the government.  If the State or the City declares a “State of Emergency” or imposes travel restrictions, that could be a factor.  But probably not.  They’ll play in an empty arena if they have to.
  4. “When will they make it up if it’s canceled?  Will they play a double-header?”  Trying to play two hockey games in one day would be insane–but a web search does reveal that individuals have done it.  The AHL schedule doesn’t really allow for make-up dates–another reason they’ll play if they can.

Hope this helps.  I imagine IronPigs employees who now work for the Phantoms are either smiling knowingly, or resigned to a day of answering phones with, “Hi, thank you for calling the Phantoms.  The game tonight is still on.”

Be careful driving–leave a little extra time, and I’ll

See you at the arena,


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