I Remember My First Hockey Game Too…

… Probably because it was just last night.

The view from our seats.  Photo: Dan

The view from our seats. Photo: Dan

That’s right. My very first hockey game. There is a vague memory of being in Hershey in the early 80’s for a car show and accidentally stumbling upon a game, but this one I consider my first.

First off, thanks to Kram, DiPro (with family and friends) who invited me along. I could reveal to you DiPro’s parking lot secret.. but I won’t. See Kram’s post about parking for our official stance in that realm.

It was just as cool inside the arena as Kram had warned me about. I had a Steelhawk’s hooded sweatshirt (when exactly did hooded sweatshirts become hoodies anyway?) and I was plenty warm. I treated myself to a $4 bottle of Fanta (love orange soda… but that’s another story from a long time ago in a land far far away) and headed off to my seat. The seat itself reminded me of a movie theater. Heavily cushioned but awkwardly folding. I narrowly missed spilling my Fanta on Kram the 3rd trying to seat myself. I haven’t been keeping up with my Richard Simmon’s exercise videos lately so it was a bit of a squeeze for me but, hey.. that one’s on me. I stayed in seat for the first period and soon found myself wandering. Saw some old friends, ran into some familiar local sports employees and by strategic navigation ended up buying a new hat. Very happy to see the Phantoms carry the 47 brand caps which seem to be the only style that fit my 7 3/4 oddly shaped head.

I did check out the upper level bar and general hang out area. My love for the cheap seats with great views was renewed as I looked down on the ice from above. Some first come first serve seats/tables caught my interest. Soon after heading back downstairs I felt a tingle and headed to a concession stand. Bought a $4 hot dog. I hear ya. I thought it too. Hot dogs are $2 at the Pigs. I have to say though, this was twice the size of a normal dog and had a great flavor to it. Wondering what brand they use… perhaps Kram can research for me. I usually sway away from the bigger hot dogs as there is less crispy surface area to mask the nasty inside. Can’t say that about these as they were tasty. Complimented nicely by the “not-yellow” mustard available. Pleasantly surprised. Not sure if it was dejon or some kind of stone ground or maybe they labeled it incorrectly but it was good. One downer was no fresh chopped onions or relish in clear view. I had no plans for kissing anyone and love to load up a hot dog with some vibrant onions. Not a biggie.. but hey, I like my onions oniony.

Oh yeah, there was a hockey game. Pretty exciting there at the end. Toronto had a 6 to 3 advantage with a minute to go when 2 Phantoms hit the penalty box and they pulled the goalie. Thanks to probably the worst attempt at a slapshot ever attempted, the Phantoms held on and won! Woot!

After the game I spent a few minutes searching for DiPro (my ride home) and ended up in Chickie and Pete’s. Nice crowd in there. Not overwhelming. Fun place. Headed home soon after.

Altogether a fun time. Looks like I may visit again soon.

Oink! Screech! Roll On! Woooowooooowoo! (That’s the sound a Phantom makes)


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