Phantoms Promotional Schedule

Magnet Schedule to be given out to ALL fans at Saturday's Phantoms game

Magnet Schedule to be given out to ALL fans at Saturday’s Phantoms game

Perhaps we’ve been spoiled by the IronPigs.  For 72 home dates per year, starting in April, they’ve got a promo for virtually every one.  And, they announce the whole thing in February.  Certainly, adjustments need to be made along the way, but the amount of work in thinking up the promos, aligning the sponsors, designing the items, and approving the production is staggering to me.  And, I love getting that promo schedule in February or so each year.  We plot it on our schedule with the games so that we know “what night it is”–for good or indifferent.  I’ve seen what some other MiLB teams do, and it’s nowhere near as extensive as the IronPigs.  Kudos to them.

As you probably know, the Phantoms have not yet released a promotional schedule.  I reached out to Executive Vice President Chris Porreca to check on the status of the Phantoms Promotional Schedule–and if they would even have one.  He shares that the schedule–for the entirety of the remaining season–will be released very soon.  He shared that opening the new building presented challenges with organizing the schedule and other issues which resulted in it’s delay.  Given the multiple points of entry at the arena, he says that more giveaways will be done at the seats as the T-Shirts were.  When the giveaways are to be done on entry, he’ll have staff at each location to handle it.  Of course, I tried to get him to reveal the types of promotions that they have planned, and his response was, “You will see…”

And as a gung-ho kind of fan, you know I can’t wait.  I don’t need the T-Shirt (opening night) or magnet schedule (coming this Saturday) to get me to the games, but it’s a nice bonus.  Since we’re new to all this on the hockey side, while we wait, I thought I’d check out what some other teams do–although as we’ve seen with the IronPigs, it may not be exactly representative of what we’ll get, for better or worse.  Anyway, here are links to their promotional schedules, and a rough summary below:

Reading Royals

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

Hershey Bears

Binghamton Senators

Philadelphia Flyers

Now let’s summarize what the other teams offer (keep in mind some night’s may have more than one promo/theme/etc, and some may already have passed.  It’s just an overview…)

Reading Royals:

Theme Nights:  At least 6

Jersey Auctions:  7

Cool Giveaways:  6 T-Shirt nights, 2 hats/caps, a bobblehead, a scarf, trading cards

Other Giveaways:  4

Other Events:  Many:  post-game skate with players, Dollar Days, Team Autograph days (2), Discount Beer nights (several), Sgt Slaughter appearance,  Other Appearances, Fan Appreciation Night

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins:

Theme Nights:  (none announced)

Jersey Auctions:  (none announced)

Cool Giveaways:  7, including 3 bobbleheads, a license plate, trading cards, and a garden flag

Other Giveaways:  6, your standard magnets and posters

Other Events:  Fan Appreciation Night

Hershey Bears:  (among the attendance leaders in the AHL…)

Theme Nights:  14 (at least…)

Jersey Auctions:   5

Cool Giveaways:   6, including caps, bobblehead, snow globe, TShirt and Golf Balls

Other Giveaways:  3

Other Events:  Autograph night, Hershey Park Pass Nights (2), Dollar Days, Turkey Shoot, Ham Shoot, and TWO Fan Appreciation Days!

Binghamton Senators:  (only available through early December, 2014)

Theme Nights:  6

Jersey Auctions:  1

Cool Giveaways:  1

Other Giveaways:

Other Events:  Post-Game Skate

Philadelphia Flyers:

Theme Nights:  at least 7

Jersey Auctions:  none announced

Cool Giveaways:  none particularly

Other Giveaways:  at least 4, several for the kiddos

Other Events:   Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Night, Dollar Dog Nights (at least 2), Fan Appreciation Night, Dollar Pretzel Night, Team Award Night

A couple other thoughts:

We know from our IronPigs experience that there can be much consternation among the fans when it comes to the giveaways.  If the two that we’ve had (have) so far are any indication, it appears the Phantoms will concentrate on “everyone” -type giveaways rather than “first #” or “kids” or whatnot.  The T-Shirts were a huge hit, and I heard no complaints whatsoever; it looks like they’re on the right track with that one.  And, that makes it easier to just put them in the seats rather than decide how many to have at each gate–or leave out all the people who enter through Chickie’s.

I support the Phantoms for being thoughtful in this, and getting it right.  And I’m looking forward to that schedule!

See you at the arena,





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