Ghostbusters — Sad News in PhantomLand

“If it’s somethin’ weird an’ it don’t look good…”

–Ray Parker Jr.

gostisbehere posterize 3

As you may have already heard, Phantoms’ defenceman and top-prospect Shayne Gostisbehere suffered an ACL tear near the end of Friday night’s game in Manchester, NH.  He’s now out “indefinitely.”  Flyers GM Ron Hextall left open the possibility that we could see him back near the end of the season, but personally I’m not holding my breath.  He could be skating and doing hockey things, but I’d want to make sure he’s completely right before putting him in harm’s way again so soon.

How big a blow is this?  I don’t think we can understate it, really.  First, for the player:  Shayne now loses an entire year of development–a year in which the Flyers wanted to see him fine-tune his craft in Allentown before becoming a force in Philadelphia next season (or even at the end of this season).  He’ll likely need to start next season with the Phantoms now–which may be good for us as fans but delays his impact for the Flyers.  For the Flyers it’s one more injury to a prominent defenceman:  First round pick Sam Morin recently suffered a fractured jaw with his juniors team.  Finally, for the Phantoms:  The Ghost was a significant part of a team which was poised to (finally, and once again) make some noise in the AHL standings.  One need look no further than this weekend’s results:  Ghost had two assists in the Phantoms’ 3-2 win Friday night.  The same team got shut out 3-0 the next night in Portland.  Microscopic sample size, but the kid’s a fabulous player who’s fun to watch and makes a difference on both ends of the ice.  Sad to see him go out like this so early in the season; we wish him well has he has surgery Thursday and starts the road to recovery.

We’ll  have more on this as the week goes along, as well as a “Hockey Night” post to get you ready for Saturday.  But, now some quick news and notes:

  1. I’ve seen it written that Forward Pat Mullane and defenseman Adam Comrie have been signed to “two-way” contracts by the Flyers, and assigned to AHL Lehigh Valley.  More on them to come–assuming some support for the injured.
  2. Magnet Schedules for ALL FANS at this Saturday’s game!  This will be great for Dan’s collection, but more importantly it could be bringing us one step closer to a promo schedule.  I have reached out to the Phantoms with some promotional questions, but have not heard back from them yet.  Stay tuned–I do have a piece written which will post soon regardless.

See you at the arena (Saturday!)


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  1. I don’t think the loss of the offensive-minded defenseman Gostisbehere can be understated, either … Sometimes, the numbers really can tell the whole story :

    Phantoms have three wins and two losses (.600 pct) in games that Gostisbehere has participated in whereas Lehigh Valley have just two wins and four losses (.333 pct) in games that Ghost has not appeared in.

    Phantoms averaged 3.4 goals per game and did not score less than two goals in any one game when Gostisbehere was in the line-up (17 goals in five games) … Lehigh Valley averages just 2.0 goals per game and have been shutout twice when Ghost has not played (12 goals in six games).

    A point-per-game player in this day and age (hey, Wayne Gretzky and the freewheeling 1980s are long gone … the “Left Wing Lock” and other defensive “systems” have been in vogue for quite some time now) is a valuable commodity in any league at any level — a point-per-game player who also happens to be a defenseman is extremely rare nowadays.

    The Swedish defenseman Robert Hagg has done very well for himself thus far (11 ga, 1 go, 7 pts) but he is now the only Lehigh Valley blueliner with any kind of true offensive creativity about him — the other AHL teams will recognize this and game-plan accordingly.

    • Yeah, I was aware of the numbers–I just didn’t want to get into all that with the small sample: It’s still a young season and there have been other changes and injuries–as well as the two different goaltenders.

      But your point and mine remain: a special player with unique skills has been lost–and a year of development lost for a player who left college for the pros. It’s just not good, no matter how you look at it. I feel bad and I feel sad–for Shayne, for the Phantoms, and for the fans. Sometimes life gives you lemons and you’ve no sugar or water available–pucker up and take it.

      Hagg has done well–and a lot has been asked of him with the other injuries and call-ups–with double shifts and all of that. Perhaps if we can keep Alt and Manning on the team and healthy, we can get the blue line support we need to score some goals, one way or another.

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