Membership Has Its Privileges

But how much privilege is there, really?

For Phantoms Season Ticket Holders, perhaps not that much.  Let me explain:

Phantoms Season Ticket Holders have pre-sale privileges for other events at the PPL Center Arena in Allentown.  Generally, we have the ability to purchase tickets online or sometimes via telephone 24-48 hours prior to the tickets going on sale to the general public.  But I’m not sure which group of people constitutes the “general public.”  You see, anyone who would like, can join the “Cyber Club” of the PPL Center and get the exact same privileges that a Phantoms Season Ticket Holder is entitled to vis-a-vis event pre-sales.  How do you join the Cyber Club?  Just sign up for free.  Or, FAIL to UN-check the box when ordering single-event tickets for ANYTHING.  Because I have Phantoms season tickets, AND have “joined” the Cyber Club, I get two separate emails with special codes for “pre-sale.”  The codes are different, but the timing’s the same, and the price is certainly no lower for either.  So who does this leave in the “general public?”

  • People who have never been to the PPL Center
  • People who refuse to give out ANY of their information, like email address
  • People without computers

Perhaps the seats set aside for the pre-sale are different for the groups, because they have different passwords to access the “pre-sale?”  Could be, but we’ll never know, because the PPL Center doesn’t let you pick your seats.  You cannot see which seats are available or what your choices are for seating beyond simply the price category.  And then, it seems the seats are randomly assigned:  I couldn’t find a rhyme or reason for which seats it was assigning me upon multiple attempts to purchase, recently.  And there’s the next problem:  because of the random seat function, EVERYBODY does what I did.  You keep punching through the system until it gives you an acceptable seat.  That confuses the system and clogs the bandwidth.  I’m not sure calling is any better:  The phone lines will get clogged up, and the ticket staff, while helpful, is no quicker.  It took DiPro almost 20 minutes to purchase ONE hockey ticket yesterday.  IN PERSON!  I’ve gathered while speaking with them on the phone that they cannot easily see which seats are available, either.  They can, but not easily enough to provide more than a modicum of help.   It’s not their fault.  The system is clunky, slow, and poor.  (And the fees are high.)  Just let us see the available seats and we can pick!

Then, we’ll see who really has the privileges!


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  1. There is a difference, at least for the last basketball presale. When using the season ticket holder password and selecting “best available” floor seats were available but when using the club password they were not.

    • Hmm, good stuff Adam. Part of me wonders if that’s just the system, though? Since it’s impossible to check both at the same time, and impossible to see the seats available, I just don’t trust that the “system” is locking me out, or the seats aren’t available, or if they’re not available to me with my particular code.

      However, with for Phantoms STH, this is good info! Use the STH code!

  2. The PPL Center is such a nice place (aside from the serious undersizing of the mens rooms!). However, the management, particularly for the ticket sales, has left a lot to be desired. Is this how Global Spectrum manages all their venues? They really need to step it up. Coca Cola Park/IronPigs are light-years ahead of PPL Center/Phantoms. I’m afraid I’m also not a big fan of the Ovations concessions, either. Fortunately, they really can’t screw up beer (although they try).

    • Yeah, you said it on the Men’s rooms…pretty good line during the basketball game the other night…

      For some things, it’s difficult to be critical of the Phantoms because they do not “own” or even “control” the venue. The IronPigs have carte blanche to run things as they see fit at CCP, but the Global/Spectrum/Ovations folks have full control of arena operations–including single game/event ticket sales. And, perhaps, at the end of the day, the pre-sales privileges we get are the best that the Phantoms can do for us in dealing with the Global/Spectrum folks.

      I suppose it’s somewhat similar to the “pre-sale” we IronPigs STH get for Phillies single-game tickets: The exact same pre-sale is available to anyone who uses social media. It’s not that much of an IronPigs STH benefit. BUT, it’s probably the best the IronPigs can (want?) do in dealing with the Phillies.

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