Phantoms Web Site on the Way (finally)


Looks like the official AHL version of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms web site will be active very shortly.  Thanks to frequent reader and comment-er R.D. for the information.

If you’d like to get a sneak peak at the site, start here. (as long as they don’t close it on me…)  All the links at the top of that page are active–but the “Home” link sends you back to the phantomsarena site that they’ve been using up until now.

The new site looks great, and should help their image quite a bit.  BTW, noticed that section 103 is now part of the higher priced green group, whilst my 106–in the attack zone no less–is still in the lower yellow category.  Small things to be thankful for, I suppose…  Also, the “club” sections look like they’ve been expanded a bit.  Must be ticket sales are good…  🙂

Thanks again to R.D. for the tip.  I’m ready for a hockey night in Allentown!


@Kram209 (err, 106)

Categories: Kram's Korner - From the Club Level, Phantoms Hockey


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