“I wish you’d drop what you’re doing
And get on the case
We could blow this existence
Right out into space”

–Wang Chung, Let’s Go

I’ve been holding my breath.  I’ve been making excuses.  But no more.  It’s time to get moving.

Our new Lehigh Valley Phantoms STILL do not have a proper web site.  The PhantomsArena address was all fine and good while the team was still  playing in Glens Falls, NY.  But now, it’s woefully inadequate.  The preseason is over.   The season starts in less than 48 hours.  The home opener is in just over a week.  And yet, is still the home of the ADIRONDACK Phantoms!

I thought for a while that the folks in New York could be holding this up.  Or, maybe the AHL was giving them problems. But the new Adirondack team–the Flames–have a web site!  Local fans need a better source of information about the team, the games, and better links to the ticket and arena sites.  They need info directly from the team about the parking situation.  Plus, they’re losing an income stream, I’d think.  The web site is an advertising source!  Just like the MiLB, the AHL has a standard design/template.  I’d think the Lehigh Valley Phantoms could drop their info in there and get it up and running.  It can always be fine-tuned.

And, another thing:  Season Ticket Holders still don’t have their tickets yet.  Wilkes-Barre Scranton has had theirs for weeks.  There’s a ticket pick-up event on Sunday.  But, what if you’re busy?  You can make arrangements to pick up the tickets next week, but only until about 5:30PM they say.  What if you work late or are coming from out of town? Remember, the ticket box office is part of the arena, and not part of the Phantoms.  Single game tickets are purchased from the arena; season ticket holders purchase directly from the team, and need to picked up from the team.  It’s going to be a zoo on Friday night as many of the season ticket holders descend on the arena, without tickets.  They should set up a table out in the plaza that night, to get a jump on things before the doors open.

And, they should get more gear.  I think they underestimate the appetite of the local community for team-related items.  Take a walk around at an IronPigs game and the amount of team-emblazoned clothing is unbelievable.  Take a walk around in Moosic, and you’ll have a hard time knowing what park you’re in, by the clothing being worn.  We’ll buy stuff, but it has to be available.

And what about Chickie’s and Pete’s?  I know this is an “arena thing” and not a “phantoms thing,” but it’s either open or it’s not.  Let’s go.  It’s only open if you’re holding a microphone?  It’s only open for private parties?  Only the LEFT side is open, but there’s no menu?  It’s only open if you’re on the radio?  Let’s go!  Fix it!  We keep hearing about how this was “in the works for ten years.”  They even had an extra year when the poorly-written legislation had to be modified to appease the surrounding communities vis-a-vis tax withholding.

Wanna know my favorite Phantoms memory?  It’s when I picked up my season tickets! (wait…)

Wanna see a picture of my pet?  Well, if you had the appropriate pet-gear in stock at a store that I could get to without standing in line, perhaps my dogs would have Phantoms jerseys by now.  But, no.

Wanna have a scavenger hunt?  Sure.  Let’s see if you can find my tickets in there someplace.  Let’s see who can find a menu for Chickie’s and Pete’s?

One of the things I’ve always been critical about with the IronPigs is lack-of or poor communication.  It’s not that they DO the wrong thing, it’s that they often don’t SAY the right thing.  (ie: “rain or shine event” and “no autographs” and “no water bottles” etc.)  It’s a case for communication, and in 2014 there’s really no excuse for not communicating with your best customers–and your potential ones as well.  Gotta let us know what’s going on, is all I’m saying.

OK, OK, I’ll calm down.  We’ll get through this.  I’ll enjoy an adult beverage with lunch.  But you have to admit, we’ve been patient.  And, they need to “Fix It.”

“Take your cue from me now
I’m saying baby, lets go
Will you listen to me?
I’m saying baby, come on now
Let’s go ’cause we can’t hold back no more
There’s no way”

–Wang Chung

So, how YOU doin’?


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3 replies

  1. OK, so commenting on my own blog entry:

    One more thing: Free T-Shirts opening night. “Every Fan” they say. Now, they didn’t say I’d get one that would fit. However, based on my experience attending IronPigs games the past seven season, I’d advise the Phantoms have about 10,000 of those puppies up in there ready to go, because otherwise they’re gonna get complaints. Better have the right size for everybody, too.

    (BTW, I think it’s a cool give away, and I can’t wait. I’m just pointing out…)

  2. AWESOME read and I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote

  3. Hey guys, check your Twitters NOW!!

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