Phantoms Single-Game Ticket Prices Revealed!

Or, are they…

As you know if you’ve been reading these pages, ticket prices aren’t always what they seem.  Fees on top of fees–and that’s before you pay for parking–distort the final price if you’d like to take in a game.  Let’s start with the season ticket prices and the seating chart:

hockey seating

Season ticket packages include 42 games:  38 regular season tilts, 2 preseason games (last night was one) and 2 playoff games (credited towards next season if they don’t make it.)

On a per-game basis, with no discernible fees (they’re probably rolled in…):

Club:  $42.50 (approximate, based on my discussions with the team)

Glass: unknown

Center Ice: $24.29

Attack Zones: $20.95 (this is where I sit)

Corners/Home End/Upper 1st:  $18.10

Away End: $16.19

Upper: $14.29

OK, so here are the BASE prices for single-game tickets–likely the price you will see printed on the tickets:

Club: (Not Available)

Glass: $43.50 (limited availability)

Center Ice: $33.50 (limited availability)

Attack Zones: $24.50

Corners and Home End: $22.50

Away End: $20.50

Upper: $18.50

HOWEVER, if you are purchasing the tickets online, some fees are added before you even get to the checkout.  You’ll see price choices on the PPL Center web site of:

Club: (not available)

Glass: $52.50 ($9 fees, limited availability)

Center Ice: $41.50 ($8 fees, limited availability)

Attack Zones: $31.00 ($6.50 fees:  here’s where I can break it down:  $1.50=”facility fee”; $5.00 “convenience fee”)

Corners and Home End: $29.00 ($6.50 fees)

Away End: $27.00 ($6.50 fees)

Upper: $23.50 ($5.00 fees)


A $2.00 order charge will be added to each transaction.  If you choose to have the tickets printed and mailed, or at will-call, there is a $3.00 printing fee.  If you have the tickets express mail, $18.00 shipping fee.

So there you have it.  Single game tickets.  On sale now to season ticket holders, and available to the general public on Monday.  You might be able to save the $5.00 (or more) convenience fee if you purchase them at the window.  I’m unsure of how the phone prices will differ.  Stay tuned!

And, yes, I hate fees.  As we’ve said, one more reason to purchase season tickets…



…from the 106

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3 replies

  1. I figured that out earlier too. My GLASS SEATS are $29.05 (full season) vs $52.50 (single tix) = $23.45 per seat savings = $984.80 per seat per season x 3 seats = $2954,40 savings

  2. OK, wow. Then beers are on you, right? 🙂

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