Game Report: Phantoms PPL Power-Less vs. Hershey

The PPL Power Play wasn’t much of an advantage last evening, as the Lehigh Valley Phantoms dropped their pre-season opener at the PPL Center in Allentown.  The final was 3-1 as the Hershey Bears got the win.

View From the 106.  Photo: DiPro

View From the 106. Photo: DiPro

5,232 were in attendance last evening to watch the first real hockey at the PPL Center.  The Phantoms took the lead on Brett Hextall’s goal in the first period.  Kevin Goumas had been in the sin bin for tripping, and made a break on a loose puck.  Brett followed it up and put it away for a 1-0 Phantoms lead.

The power-play difficulty really became evident in the second as the Phantoms and goalkeeper Anthony Stolarz gave up a short-handed goal.  We headed to the final period 1-1, with visions of overtime dancing in our heads.  Alas, it was not to be.  Two Hershey goals in the third period ended the game on time, and sans drama.

The Phantoms were 0-for-8 on the power play, and out-shot the Bears 24-18.  The Phantoms had some nice chances, but were ultimately unable to solve Hershey goalie Phoenix Copley.  However, there were a few healthy scratches last night, and players still to come from Philly.  I’m optimistic about our chances and our talent going forward.

Other news and notes:

The arena sure felt more comfortable with 5232 compared with 8600 or 10,000.  Lines were shorter and the concourses were navigable.  Sure, they’re still working on things, and the lines for the rest rooms and the team shop were at times daunting.  But, the concessions and the staff seem to be getting into the swing of it a bit better.  Now, if they can just get the horn to sound when the goals are scored, and the right power-play PA read, things will be a bit better.  FWIW, I’ve been told that a permanent PA announcer has not been installed as of yet.

I did not bring my radio for the game, but did listen to AM-1470 on the way home.  The post-game was valuable and informative.  I recommend it.

See you at the arena,


PS:  If you’re looking for DiPro at the arena, he’ll be in the Miller Lite Loft.  I knew he would like it up there!

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  1. Auf meiner Meinung, sehe ich die Kaders als so :

    PHILADELPHIA (25) : Emery, Mason (Tor) – Coburn, Del Zotto, Grossmann, McDonald, Morin, L. Schenn, Schultz, Streit, Timmonen (Abwehr) – Akeson, Bellemare, Couturier, Giroux, Lecavalier, Raffl, Read, Rinaldo, Rosehill, B. Schenn, Simmonds, Umberger, Voracek, White (Angriff)

    Timmonen ist verletzt und Morin wird zurueck nach Junioren bald gehen.

    LEHIGH VALLEY (25) : Stolarz, Zepp – Alt, Delisle, Flemming, Gostisbehere, Haag, Lauridsen, Manning, Pettersson – Alderson, Cousins, Fyten, Gordon, Goumas, Hextall, Jones, Laughton, Leier, Mathers, Noebels, Powe, Sortini, Straka, VandeVelde

  2. Tony Androckitis of “Highland Park Hockey” tweeted this morning that Samuel Morin was assigned to the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League by the Philadelphia Flyers.

    I was thinking the Flyers, as they did with Scott Laughton two seasons ago, might want to let Morin make a few NHL appearances at the beginning of the season.

    Then again, they might not! 🙂

    • Yeah, good stuff–other than the rumors that the Flyers were trying to trade a defenseman in order to make room for Morin–he’s reportedly had a good camp–there was also the talk that he might stick around for the initial 9 games or something that they’re allowed to do under the “tryout” provisions–or whatever it is. Alas, I guess not. In any case, though, it does seem like the Flyers have some nice young talent. Guys need to play, too, which bodes well for our local club.

  3. I liken the NHL’s rule with respect to players under the age of 20 years old to the NCAA’s regulation with respect to “redshirting”.

    A college athlete can play in a limited number of games during a certain window at the beginning of the season (each sport has different specifics with respect to practical application but the general concept is the same) and not lose a year’s worth of eligibility for having made varsity appearances.

    With respect to agreement between the NHL and the Canadian Hockey League, this particular rule is designed to preserve the quality of play in the major junior leagues, themselves … (by making it impossible for the very best players to be constantly shuffling back and forth between the NHL and juniors all season long).

  4. I’m interested to see what happens when Finnish defenseman Kimmo Timmonen regains full fitness. Would the Philadelphia Flyers keep eight defensemen on the NHL roster and scratch two every night? Or does an experienced NHL player get sent down to beef up the AHL’s Lehigh Valley Phantoms?

    • We’ll see, but I think they might keep the extra defenseman. One of the points that’s been made a couple times recently with regard to the rosters: It’s going to be WAY easier for the Flyers as an organization to shuttle players from Reading to Allentown to Philly–compared with the drive to upstate NY. I’m expecting a fair few roster moves this season…

  5. When I was going to college in Massachusetts more than twenty years ago, I used to zip down to New Haven so I could see the AHL’s Nighthawks (and eat free food made by my Mom!) as much as possible. There was always somebody from NYC who would be going that way already you simply offer whoever literally only a couple bucks for gas. Not only my Mom’s house was not only within walking distance of an exit off I-95, it was also only a fifteen minute walk to the War Memorial Coliseum downtown — it was too easy!!!

    On the other hand, for the New Haven Nighthawks to send a player up to their National Hockey League affiliate — the Los Angeles Kings — travel logistics (to speak nothing of costs) were a much, much different story.

    Meanwhile, I certainly remember watching lots of Philadelphia Flyers games on WTAF (Channel 13 on the old dial here in Allentown) growing up — Gene Hart and “the Chief” Bobby Taylor used to brag often that the Flyers could have a Hershey player arrive by limousine within an hour of being summoned.

    And I definitely remember thinking to myself on several occasions back then, “I’m pretty sure that Allentown is closer to Philly than Hershey.”

    Was fuer ein neue Welt — wer haette dass gedacht?!

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