Allentown Eagles Concert FAQ–Everything You Need To Know About the Concert Tonight: Parking, Food, Times, Photography, Phones

I’m headed to the Eagles concert to open the new PPL Center in downtown Allentown tonight.  Here are the answers to the questions you might have, if you’re headed there too:

  1. Will Parking Be A Problem?    It’s hard to say, but the Allentown Parking Authority seems to be working overtime to make sure things go smoothly.  Follow them on Twitter @AtownParking .  They’ve been very responsive to my questions and concerns.
  2. Where Should I Park?  Do You Have Any Advice?     Yes.  Go to to see the different parking options.  Click on the decks and lots to check availablility.  This is in real time, we’re told, so having this site saved on your smart phone may be the best strategy to find parking easily and quickly once you get down there.  Have your passenger do it!  If you do not have a smart phone, perhaps check it on your computer just before you leave.
  3. What About Wheelchair-accessible Parking?    I don’t know for sure, but everything we’ve been told suggests that each lot/deck will have the appropriate spaces available.  There should be plenty of attendants on hand to assist you.  Shuttles with lifts should be available, too, although they may need to request a special one.  Speak with the attendant as soon as you arrive at your parking destination to make the arrangements.  As we become more familiar with the facilities downtown, we’ll be able to recommend which lots/decks are preferable, and how to quickly get to the arena.  Perhaps they’ll make arrangements for drop-offs and the like, too, at some point.
  4. Do You Have Any Other Advice?    Yes.  Go early.  Leave some extra time.  And try to avoid driving through the zone if you can.  In other words, drive outside the zone to get to the parking facility you desire–going directly through the arena zone will add to the traffic difficulties and only serve to aggravate you.
  5. How Do You Pay For Parking?  How Much Will It Cost?  Can I Pre-Pay?     I believe parking will be $10 for all Authority decks and lots.  You can pay by cash or credit on arrival.  Through the site, you can pre-purchase parking, but only for the Linden St deck.
  6. Where Are YOU Going to Park?    I’m not telling.  Seriously, if we all try to park in the same spot, we’ll all be in trouble.  I say follow the color-coded signs, and park at the first available spot you can find.  Walk or use the shuttle.  Try to keep from driving around–as much as you can.
  7. I Could Go Early and Eat There, Then, Right?    Well, not so fast.  Most of the downtown restaurants have been booked up for several weeks, so unless you already have a reservation, I’d plan on eating ahead.  You might be able to slip in someplace, or if you venture slightly further from the arena.  The Arena has three restaurants inside:  Chickie and Pete’s (Sports Bar featuring french fries coated in Old Bay), Crust (Coal-fired pizza), and Tim Horton’s (Canadian Coffee Shop).  I’m not positive that they’ll be open or full-service in time for tonight’s concert, or if they’ll be other concessions available or accessible.  And, if they are, they could be mobbed.  My best advice is to grab a bite ahead of time this time.
  8. What Time Does the Concert Start?    Start time is listed as 8:00PM.  Artists are funny, sometimes, so we’ll see.  However, previous stops on this tour have started at or near on-time, the best I can tell.  It’s a long show, and these guys are old.  I don’t see them delaying too much.
  9. What Time Do The Doors Open?     6:30PM
  10. I’m not sure where I’m sitting.  Do you know what kind of seats are there?     The arena, club section, and suite seats are very nice.  I’m not sure about the floor seats.  If this cam is still working, check to see if you can see them!  I sure hope they’re not metal folding chairs…
  11. My Ticket Says No Photography, But I’ll Be Able To Use My Cell, Right?    Maybe not.  Word from the tour is that all electronics will be banned, including cell phones and texting.  I’m not sure how they’ll enforce it–I’m pretty sure you won’t have to turn it in at the door like at a golf tournament.  However, don’t count on taking photos or being on your phone during the concert.  Don’t even try to bring a camera.
  12. Is There An Opening Act?     I don’t think so.  Not music anyway.  Sometimes a comedian comes out for a few minutes.  But, it’s a long concert.
  13. What Songs Do You Think They’ll Play?     Well, you never know with artists, but here’s what they played the other night in Newark:
    1. Saturday Night
    2. Train Leaves Here This Morning
    1. Peaceful Easy Feeling
    2. Witchy Woman
    3. Doolin-Dalton
    4. Tequila Sunrise
    5. Doolin’-Dalton/Desperado (Reprise)
    6. Already Gone
    7. The Best of My Love
    8. Lyin’ Eyes
    9. One of These Nights
    10. Take It to the Limit
    11. Set 2 (intermission)
    12. Wasted Time (Reprise) 
    1. Pretty Maids All in a Row
    2. I Can’t Tell You Why
    3. New Kid in Town
    4. Love Will Keep Us Alive
    5. Heartache Tonight
    6. Those Shoes
    7. In the City
    1. Life’s Been Good
    1. The Long Run
    2. Funk #49
    1. Life in the Fast Lane
    2. Encore:
    3. Hotel California
    4. Encore 2:
    5. Take It Easy
    6. Rocky Mountain Way
    1. Desperado


  14. That’s A Ton of Songs, and Your Numbering is Messed Up.  How Long is the Show?:     About 3 hours with the intermission(s).  Numbering botched by WordPress.
  15. So If They Start On Time, We’ll All Be Leaving at 11PM.  How’s That Gonna Go?  Do You Think It’ll Be Safe?     If you’ve chosen your parking wisely, you should be able to get out with the rest of the folks in your lot/deck.  If you must drive across the zone, you’ll be in trouble waiting for all the lights and pedestrians.  Street lights have been optimized (they tell me) to allow for mass egress from the event.  I’m sure security will be on high alert and out in force.
  16. How Can You Be So Sure About Security and Parking?    Look, Allentown and the powers-that-be have a lot riding on this.  A debacle of any kind will make a lot of folks look bad.  My only question now is if they’ll be able to maintain the security and the parking going forward.  I envision no problems tonight.  But then, I could be wrong.  We’ll see.  Allentown Police will be supplemented with a private security firm and full HD camera coverage in most areas of the arena zone.  As I had suggested way back when:  They are “over-doing” it on parking and safety.  Parking and safety are still the number one concern of would-be event goers.  They’re gonna do their best, I tell you.  I hope it works.
  17. Are There Any Tickets Left?     I believe there may be some $179.50 seats left–but not many if at all.  I don’t know how the scalping scene will be, but I’d be careful.  My own tickets don’t look terribly fancy–hopefully no one gets burned buying fakes.  Buyer beware is all I’m saying.

Friday Lunch Update:  I have two more notes for you.  First, Chickie and Pete’s will not be open for another week or so–so not for Cher (if she’s OK) or Tom Petty either, early next week.  Second, No Tailgating.  I kinda figured, but it was official this earlier this morning.

See you at the concert,


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