2015 IronPigs Schedule Released: Good, Bad and Ugly



  1. Opening Day at Coca Cola Park
  2. Closing Day at Coca Cola Park
  3. Plenty of Weekend games
  4. No home stand longer than 8 games
  5. A nice, busy June
  6. 12 games in 14 days at the end of July/beginning of August
  7. Plenty of April Games
  8. Shorter road trips for the players
  9. Fewer 2-game sets–Mr. Brundage should approve.
  10. A couple good candidates for vacation weeks in August, and one in July–for the fans.
  11. 222 game at Coca Cola Park April 7.
  12. With all 1:35 games on Sundays, plenty of chance to continue the post-game tailgate tradition–and plenty of chance to get over to the SteelHawks games if they’re smart and go for evening kickoff on Sundays when the ‘Pigs are home.
  13. Not listing the playoffs on the schedule is probably a good idea.  We’ll figure that out later….
  14. The late start to the season should ease conflicts with SteelHawks (somewhat) and Phantoms, and the late end to the season should flow into pre-season hockey quite nicely.


  1. Season doesn’t start until April 9!  We’re going to be champing at the bit, I’m telling you.
  2. With the season extending to a late Labor Day, September 7–could be a week without the best players as they could be called up September 1.
  3. New, uneven schedule has 18 games with Scranton–10 in Moosic, 8 in Allentown!
  4. Fewer games with Western and Southern opponents–some only in town for 3 days instead of 4.
  5. The busy April is good for baseball fans like myself, but tough on the attendance race.
  6. No 5:35 games on Sundays in the summer.


  1. Only 8 games in August!  Unbalanced!
  2. The RailRiders get home field advantage in the race for the IronRail!

But, I’ll be there,


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4 replies

  1. The only thing I hate more than 1:35 Sunday games are weekday morning games. I think I saw 3 games at 10:35 and 1 at 11:35. It can be tough when a game that runs late into the night is followed by an early game the next day. But I guess if the players can do it I can force myself to do it too.
    All of our home games with SWB happen between June 19 and July 30 while LV visits SWB 5 times in the final 3-4 weeks of the season.
    Also, for volunteers and fans of Musikfest, I think their 2015 dates are August 7 to August 16. The Ironpigs will not be at home for the first 7 days of the 10 day festival and with the Sunday games at 1:35 there will be plenty of time to get to the closing night Musikfest festivities.
    If I’m reading the 2014 AHL playoff schedules correctly, the hockey playoffs went from about April 25 to June 17. That could lead to quite a bit of schedule conflicts for Ironpigs/Phantoms season ticket holders if the Phantoms were to go deep into the playoffs. I know where I would be on a cold April night.

  2. Good stuff, Decal.

    I don’t mind the 1:35 games some Sundays–early in the season it’s warmer during the day and a chance to bring the younger kiddos out for a weekend game and get them home and in bed in time for school the next day. All good. But Sunday early evening games are nice, too. It’s not too hot, and you’re still home in time to watch TV or relax a bit before bed. I was even able to bang out a blog post last night. It’s a shame to see them go. Perhaps next year.

    I’m not sure if the Musikfest thing was on purpose or an accident, but it is nice for folks who do both not to have to choose. I might even get down there for Musikfest next year if I’m in town–since there’s not Pigs and all.

    I’ve just accepted AM games as a fact of life 4 times per season. I understand the thinking somewhat and just try to take advantage of them sometimes when I can. Other times, I’ll just skip. I was happy to learn they brought back the Pig Stop for the camp day, but sorry that I missed it. Pig Stop omelettes are key.

    I don’t know about this year’s team, but for the past few years, playoff games were not a concern for Phatoms fans. But your point is well taken, and if playoffs stretch deep, I wonder how many conflicts there will be? Will they try to work around the Pigs? Will they have enough trouble working around concerts and SteelHawks? I wonder how many people it really impacts? I know I’m a STH for both, but how many others are? Interesting.

  3. More April games? In the cold, the rain and, occasionally, the snow? Fewer games in August? In the warmth and, generally, dryness? Who made this schedule, the Marquis De Sade?

  4. The Adirondack Phantoms failed to make the playoffs the past five years in succession, so I wouldn’t worry so much about a long Calder Cup run from the Lehigh Valley Phantoms … Perhaps its just me, but it does seem like only yesterday that I was reading daily articles about the fledgling AAA Iron Pigs that discussed in great detail jut how difficult it was for professional players to relocate to a different city when a minor league franchised has moved. 😉

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