Hockey Update: Phantoms News Trickles Forth

It might be only August, and it might be 90 days until the home opener for the Phantoms, but things are moving ahead at the downtown arena as they prepare for the Eagles concert in early September.  Here’s the latest on the Phantoms:

From the Phantoms' Twitter Feed

From the Phantoms’ Twitter Feed

  1. A New Mascot:  I’m not sure what happened to the Beaver Named Dax, but our new mascot is meLVin–with the big ‘LV’ representing the Lehigh Valley.  He’s a crazy, one-of-a-kind creature who should do fine as long as they don’t redesign him with a llama neck.
  2. Partial Season Ticket Plans Go On Sale:  Single-game tix are on sale for the two preseason games, but partial season tickets are on sale too.  Here’s a photo summary from the Phantoms Twitter feed:
  3. partial season tickets
  4. Installation Continues:  The seats are almost completely installed, and the huge, 4-way, center ice score board is being constructed and installed.  The dasher boards arrived yesterday and are already appearing in the live photo feed from inside the arena.  Go to the arena web site to check it out!
  5. A Sneak Peak at the Schedule:  the following schedule details have been released:prelim sched More schedule detail will be forthcoming as the AHL finalizes things.  Stay tuned!
  6. We’re starting to study our prospects lists:  I’m no Flyers fan, but I’m going to have to learn.  I’ve been monitoring some sites like this one to learn about the players in the Flyers’ system.
  7. We’re Still Nervous About Traffic and Parking:  Yes, traffic studies have been done.  And, folks are working night and day to install new traffic lighting which will allow for more efficient access and egress.  As specifics become available, we’ll pass them on right here.


Stay tuned!  We’re ready to support the Phantoms!


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  1. Parking? how strange is it, that Allentown does not use meters after 6pm–Easton now charges to 8–imagine at 5:30, parking in front of the AWESOME Philly Pretzel shop, 809 Hamiltom st, put 50 cents in meter, stop in for $1 pretzel, and walk 10 steps to arena!!!!

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