IronPigs Season Ticket Holder News and Renewals

I must have missed the email for playoff tickets this season….

But, I did get the emails today about renewing my season ticket packages.  If you’ve been around here before, you know that I have a couple packages–a full-season club package with four seats, and a 36-game club package with two seats.  I’ll try to extrapolate and interpret the information from the two emails I received today with details on the 2015 season.  I’ll go line-by-line, but not necessarily in order.  I’ll try to be clear when I’m making assumptions or guesses.  Biggest news is at the end…

  1. Season Ticket Renewals will be available starting tomorrow, July 31.     Ticket renewals must be completed by October 3, though, or seats will be released to those on waiting lists and those desiring relocation.
  2. A $100 deposit will be required, per seat, to hold your purchase.    Of course.
  3. Ticket Prices will remain the same.     I’m guessing here, but the total season ticket price reflects the usual $15 per seat per game as has been standard over the past three years in the club level.  They didn’t let me keep my $14 price, but they didn’t threaten a 2015 increase, either.  One note, though:   They did mention that signing a 3- or 5-year agreement would lock in the current price over that term, protecting on from possible future increases.  Then again, now that the Club Level and everything in it has a corporate sponsor, you’d think I’d get a discount, huh?  Or, maybe a coupon for a free arthroscopy?
  4. Season Ticket Holder Gift.     I always like that pre-season swag, but never felt that it was a given.  I guess it is now–it’s listed as a benefit of being a season ticket holder.
  5. Renewal Vouchers.     Those who commit to the renewal and make their deposits prior to the end of the season (August 30 this year) will receive some “loaded value” vouchers to use during the final 8-game home stand August 23-30.  For my full-season club seats, the voucher is $15 per seat.  It’s $10 per seat for my 36-game club seats.  Kram’s take:  If you’re gonna do it anyway, you may as well get that late-season credit for food and gear.
  6. Unused Ticket Exchange.     This isn’t new.  But I did notice that it was listed as a benefit for the 36-game plans as well as the 72-game plans.  There were some serious restrictions on exchanges for the 36-game seats this past year.  This could be something new for the lesser plans, or it could be that whomever edited the email forgot to take it out.  Stay tuned.
  7. Loaded Value Is Back!!   We’ll get the loaded value ballpark credit for the first half of the season again next year!  It will again be $4 per seat per game for the full-season plans, and $2 for the 36-game plans.  I thought this worked really well this past season and I’m glad it’s back.  I’m not sure if it had any impact on getting fannies in the seats for the first half, but it sure was a help to me and my wallet.  For my packages it was worth $720 in free food and clubhouse store gear over the course of those 36 games–and we used almost every penny of it!
  8. PARKING PASSES!    This is the big one.  Season ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase discounted parking passes next season.  For the full-season, the pass will be only $198.  That comes to $2.75 per game, which is a modest savings over the normal $3–but it is six free games assuming the parking price remains the same.  The 36-game plan has the option of a $99 pass–exactly half, and the same per-game rate.


There are some issues with the partial season pass–which I’ll not mention here.  However, this whole thing is something we’ve been calling for around here for some time.  I’m glad it has come to fruition.  That said, I hope this isn’t the precursor to the rumored $5 parking.  And, from a personal perspective, I hope that my four-seat package (which I’m likely to renew, but not positive) still qualifies for a free pass.  If you’re likely to miss more than 6 games (or 3 in the 36-game case) you’ll do better just paying as you go if it’s still $3.  And, it is nice to hand folks a parking pass when you give away tickets, too.  Each fan will need to decide what works best–but it’s a nice option to have and the small discount is at least a start.

In all, it’s good news.  We’ll do a “suggestion box” column again at the end of the season to tackle other subjects.

See you at the park,


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