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There are 17 home dates left in the IronPigs schedule.  16 of them are in August.  1 is in July–and the September dates are up in Moosic.  Here are some reasons to come out to the park this August to take in a game–despite the losing nature of the team.

  1. The Top Three:  Hernandez, Galvis, and Franco–while they’re still together–constitute a pretty exciting top of the lineup.  It’s worth watching.
  2. Middle Infield:  While we’re at it, the Hernandez and Galvis up the middle is probably the best double-play combo we’ve ever seen, or ever will.  Add in Franco at third and Jimmy Murphy or Russ Canzler at first, and that’s among the best infield for defense we’ve ever had.
  3. The New Guys:  Well, I don’t know who they’ll be, but there are bound to be at least a couple August additions to the roster–especially the way this year has gone.  I’d predict starter Adam Loewen and reliever Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez from Reading.  Perhaps one or both of outfielders Aaron Altherr and Kelly Dugan.  Could Adam Morgan pitch yet this year?  Could Jesse Biddle get a quick shot at AAA this season?  Could a trade bring a top-notch or at least interesting prospect?  It’s enough reason to stay tuned, is what I’m saying.
  4. The Old Guys:  The way things are going in the Phillies’ system, I’m now on guard for saying good-bye to some of our favorite guys during this “rebuilding” time:  It might be your last chance to see guys like Tyler Henson, Leandro Castro, and Greg Smith, whom we’ve come to know and love cheering for–among others.  If they can get rid of Steve Susdorf, they can release anybody.  C’mon out and cheer for your favorite players while you can.
  5. The Food:  I know.  I’m sick of ballpark fare this time of year, too.  But you know why the lines are so long in April?  Because you’re going to miss it!  Go ahead and get that Aw Shucks Corn one more time.  You know Philly Pretzels taste best at the game (and dipped in butter creme, gahhhhckahh (c) Homer Simpson).  Have a Boss Dog one more time!  You know you want it!
  6. The Weekends:  Look, you can go to Musikfest and the other stuff during the week.  August is packed with weekend games.  If you’re young, you can still go out afterwards.  If you have kids, there’s no better place to take them.  Get out of the house on the weekends!
  7. IronRail:  We might be in last place, but we’re still better than Scranton, right?  C’mon let’s get this thing clinched before we have to go up there on August 31.  Show me the trophy, baby.  Krammer wants some hardware.
  8.  Relaxation:  It’s the number one reason I go to the games.  There’s a certain nirvana to be achieved by grabbing a beer, sitting in your seat, and letting the game wash over you.  Win or lose.  Enjoy it, because it won’t be back until April.  Hockey’s exciting–but baseball is relaxing.
  9. STH Vouchers:  If you’re a season ticket holder, renewing for next year, there’s a kicker for you.  Take advantage of that added value in food and souvenirs (my kiddos usually get a hat or shirt out of it) during the last home-stand.  See my last post for details.  I’ll be getting $60-$80, man.
  10.  Giveaways, Fireworks, Trough Parties and the like:  We got gypped in July.  Take advantage of the stuff we’ve got  left.  There should be at least three fireworks shows and four “trough” parties left.  Enjoy.
  11.  Bacon:   Haven’t seen the new uniforms sets yet, on the field?  Wanna chance to grab a bacon hat, a black jersey, or a replica thereof?  C’mon out and get one–enjoy the game while you’re here!
  12. Attendance: We’re in third.  THIRD!  We might not win on the field, but we always win in the stands.  Let’s pack the park in these final games and get our attendance figures up a bit.  We deserve to be first or second (hey, Charlotte’s new so we give them a chance this year….)
  13. Warm:  Hey, feel that heat from the sky?  That’s the sun.  It wasn’t so good in April–and won’t be until May or June of 2015.  Enjoy it while you can.
  14. Take a Walk:  Ever just walk around the concourse for the whole game?  I bet you meet someone you know.  Maybe more than one!  C’mon out and be social.  You’ll be glad you did.
  15. Laughs:  They say that laughter is the best medicine.  I bet you laugh at least once during a game.  Hey, maybe you’re laughing ‘AT’ something rather than “WITH,”  but it’s still worth it.
  16. Friends:  None of us are getting any younger, you know.  Some folks we’ve seen multiple times over the season–we won’t see again until April.  Some, we may never see again.  Sure, some of us will get together at hockey games this year–but some won’t.  Folks may move away–or fall into poor health.  You just never know.  C’mon out and spend time with your friends while you  can.  You won’t be sorry that you did.

See you at the park,


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  1. About a month ago I thought Greg Smith was a lock to pass Brian Mazone on the “Career Wins by a LHP” list but after 5 consecutive starts without a win, I’m not so sure Smith will catch him before Labor Day. Right now it’s Mazone 18, Smith 15 and Smith could still get as many as 6 more starts this year. .

    And, a great big congratulations to Tyler Cloyd of the Columbus Clippers who threw a 9 inning no-hitter tonight against the Louisville Bats. 9 IP, 0 Hits, 0 BB, 6 SO in a 13-0 win. Cloyd was perfect through 8 innings until Donnie Murphy of Louisville got hit by a pitch leading off the 9th inning. Tucker Barnhart followed by grounding into a double play, so Cloyd finished the game facing the minimum of just 27 batters. Cloyd needed just 88 pitches to complete his 9 inning gem.

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