Update on the July 1 Trip/Fundraiser

Markie with the first pitch

Markie with the first pitch


Things are a little crazy around here, and content a little slow to show up in “post” form.  However, while a complete report with pictures and story (as it’s etched in my mind…) are still forthcoming, I wanted to update everyone on the fundraiser portion of the project:

Today, a donation of $750.00 was mailed to the Choroideremia Research Foundation on behalf of the NoiseNation Fan Group and Angels for Mark.  The $750 was short of my goal of $1000.00; however, it was more than the amount contributed from the sponsors–so I feel like we gained something from the time and effort from this project.  Plus, we had a lot of fun, supported our team, and raised awareness for a good cause.

The trip and the project in general could not have happened without assistance from a whole “team” of people.  First, I’d like to thank the sponsors:

Digital Cloud Company:  An excellent source for communications services in the digital age.  There is no better source for business phone service–and more.

Philly Pretzel Company:  The only quality pretzels available at Coca Cola Park.  Please support them at their stands in Right Field and on the Third Base Line.  Also, stop by the club hallway on the way out to get a snack for the drive home!  They’ll have a retail location down by the arena soon, too!

Westgate Optical:  Quality eye care and eye wear products in Bethlehem for over 40 years.

The T-Shirts:

I’d like to thank NoiseNation Dan for the design, and Diamond Sportswear for the printing and finishing.  Extra T-Shirts at the conclusion of the project were given to the Angels For Mark Group for use in their continued fundraising and awareness campaign.  Several T-Shirts were provided to the sponsors, as well, for advertising purposes.

The Trip:

I’d like to thank the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders for their support, and ticket manager Robert McLane for his assistance with the ticket package.  As always, a thank you to Cheryl Pursell for the photos–more to be posted here soon–which will create a lasting memory of the day–as well as for the goodies for the tailgate party beforehand.  Another thanks to Dan for resurrecting the “oinK” sign for our use that day.  Thanks to Matt Provence and Jon Schaeffer for their support on the radio.  A shout-out to players who supported us:  Tyler Henson, Steve Susdorf, Jim Murphy and Cody Asche in particular–but there are others going forward, who may be involved with future projects.  And Ethan Martin, who threw a ball over to us at the end of the evening.

The Nation:

We’re ALL Noise Nation–thanks to everyone who purchased a shirt.  A project like this cannot happen without lots of good friends–even those who couldn’t make the game or wouldn’t wear the shirt.  It’s all about having some fun and doing some good along the way.  Your support is not taken for granted and does not go unnoticed.

The Marks:

One last thing–there will be other fundraisers and events to come:  It doesn’t end with our little project.  Please support the Angels for Mark group if you can.  But even if you can’t, please say ‘hello’ to Mark, Markie, and the whole DeVoe family if you see them around the park.  They are wonderful folks, and great baseball fans.


See you at the park,


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