Confidence Meter: IronPigs Bull Pen

I’ve been mostly Bull-ish on the Pigs pitchers this season, but lately I’m wavering. Let’s see where the relievers stand on Independence Day:

Luis Garcia: 92
It could be even higher, but he has put some guys on base lately and he’s had some spectacular failures with the big team. I’m a little uneasy. But only a little.

Tyler Knigge: 90
He’s performed more than admirably lately including some leverage situations. The last poor outing I recall was after he pitched 4+ innings in two days.

Cesar Jimenez: 88
He’s had a couple hiccups. I still believe in him.

Phillipe Aumont: 68
He’s had a couple really nice outings until tonight. But when it goes wrong it does so spectacularly. Wild pitches and walks to go with plenty of hits.

Jeremy Horst: 65
It feels kinda shaky even with some of the better innings. I hope he can get it back.

Hector Neris: 63
He’s had a couple really bad outings lately, following some strong work. I hope he’s OK.

Ethan Martin: 40
I believe in him and I believe in his talent. He’s got to get his mojo back.

The confidence meter reflects my current feeling about their performance. Of course it is fluid and subject to change with each outing, and subjective in nature.


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  1. I feel so bad for the starting pitchers. Enright left the game in the bottom of the 5th with the pigs leading 6-2. Next time II checked the score is 8-6 Redwings. Then last time I checked the Pigs were losing 11-6. I didn’t even bother looking again. It’s getting pretty sad looking !!!

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