Today’s The Day: Join Us to #InvadeMoosic –Support #IronPigs and @AngelsForMark and @ChoroideremiaRF


Tickets and alternate T-Shirts remain for our trip to Moosic today.  Please consider joining us even if you haven’t already.  Just drive up there and find us.  T-Shirts and Tickets to benefit (100% of what we collect!)


Directions:  Set your GPS for:  235 Montage Mountain Road, Moosic PA.  Or, type that in to Google Maps before you go.  Figure on 1hr, 20mins travel time.


Tailgate:  Lots open at 5PM, although we may begin a bit early.  Tailgating is at the direction of the parking staff, but my experience is this:  There is one main access road to the stadium and parking.  I believe we’ll be to the left, and again to the left.  In any case, look for the flags.  Email: or Twitter @Kram209 if needed.  Tailgate will break up around 6:30 or so to make our way to the stadium.


Soccer:  Word is, there’s a soccer game.  We’ll have it on the radio during the tailgate if possible.


Menu: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.  Sodas and Water.


What to Bring:  Bring your shirt if you already have it. Bring your ticket if you have it.  Bring your bells and horns.  Bring your preferred soda or water if needed for the tailgate.  Bring a folding chair for the tailgate, if you need one.


See you in Moosic,


PS:  Pigs won 9-7 last night.  IronRail stands at 7-4 Pigs.


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