Top 10 Reasons To Come To Scranton With Us





The “Invade Moosic” trip is less than a week away.  If you haven’t decided about coming with us, consider:

10. The T-Shirt is Really Cool.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.  Dan did a great job with the design, and the nice folks at Diamond Wear did a great job with the printing.  You know you want one.  And, if you want to support the cause and can’t make the game, you can still buy a T-Shirt.

9. Support the Cause, Vol. 1:  Choroideremia is a progressive, blinding disease.  It doesn’t get much support, and this is a great opportunity to make a difference.  100% of what we collect will be donated.  The T-Shirts and Tickets have been sponsored.

8.  See Scranton’s New Park:  It’s not really new, but it may as well be.  They did a great job on the remodel.  Some would say “copy” of Coca Cola Park.  There are a few things that are better, I think:  Scoreboard, Outfield Area, and Pizza.  What do you think?  C’mon up and let me know.

7.  Two Words:  Horns + Bells:  There might be some noise involved.

6. Tailgate:  Look for the IronPigs flag and the NoiseNation flag in the parking lot until about 30 minutes prior to first pitch.  Join us for some social time.  Maybe we’ll all sing, Swing it Like an Iron Pig, together.

5. Support the Cause, Vol. 2:  Let’s show the IronPigs that they have the better fans!  Are we really gonna let the Moosic-Riders get away with THIS?:


4.  IronRail:  Depending on how this weekend goes, this Tuesday night game could be the clincher.  Wouldn’t you like to be there for that?

3.  Old Forge-Style Pizza:  It really is worth a try.  C’mon up and order a couple “cuts.”

2.  The Return of the OINK sign:  It just might happen.  And not at Coca Cola Park…

1.  LEFT —  RIGHT —  LEFT!   We’ll be in the right-field corner.  I almost feel bad for the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Right Fielder.  Almost.


So let me know if you wanna go.  There are a limited number of tickets and T-Shirts available.  The donation is $20 for a T-Shirt and a ticket, whether you use it or not. Please contact: or DM: @Kram209

I’ll be around at the IronPigs and/or SteelHawks games this weekend.  Other arrangements can be made for pickup.  Or, you can even meet us at the tailgate before the game.  Just let me know what size shirt you need!  The sooner the better, though!

More details, and a FAQ, here.



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