Too Daze Gone: News and Notes Following 48 Hours in Syracuse

“Too daze gone…too daze gone
I’m broke down, insufferable–my mind is on the blink
It’s later than you think and I’m too daze gone”

-“Too Daze Gone” – Billy Squier

Syr-a-cuse [siruh-kyoos]


1. A city in central New York

2. From the Italian, Syracusa, meaning a place where it always rains and/or snows.


I’m kidding.  It’s a coastal town.  Whatever.

Anyway, the Mighty Pigs headed up to the ‘Cuse for a Brundy-detested two-game set.  Except, it was supposed to be three games in two days thanks to “snow-outs” or whatever, from April.  As the ‘Pigs head home, let me update you on the score:

Weather: 2

Chiefs: 1

Pigs: 0

Brundy: Not as angry as he will be later, when he finds out what happened to those two games.


So we’re back home tomorrow for two plus two (Rochester, then SWB) before heading to Scranton.  Here are some things to know headed into the final games of this marathon month of June:

  • The rain day today should push the starters back, and allow for the skip on Saturday.  Brad Lincoln will likely be called to the Phillies to help with the Day/Night doubleheader versus the Braves on Saturday.
  • That makes the probable starters for this home stand:  Thursday: Smith, Friday: Enright, Saturday: O’Sullivan, Sunday: Bootcheck
  • Former Phillies prospect and “Baby Ace” Trevor May was initially the probable starter for Rochester tomorrow.  He went with Vance Worley in the Ben Revere trade.  He’s been pitching well of late, and sports an 8-4 record, 2.94 ERA.  He’ll likely get pushed to Friday, though, as it appears the Rochester game may have been postponed as well.
  • Keep a watch out for Jason Marquis.  He’s been getting rehab starts in Florida, and I’m not sure how far along he is or how quickly he’ll move up the system.
  • We’ll keep a watch for a Cliff Lee rehab as well.  Could be next Wednesday or Thursday July 2 or 3.  No promises–Reading and Lakewood are both home as well I believe.  We’ll keep you posted.
  • Nothing spectacular at the park this set:  Game Show Night Thursday, 2 x Fireworks Friday and Saturday, and an ice cream bowl for the kiddos Sunday.
  • This home stand is your last chance to have your T-Shirt and Ticket delivered for the Scranton Invasion.  Please let me know at
  • Grady Sizemore should be with the team when they begin play at home tomorrow; he’s meeting them here in Allentown.  He’s just a rental; he should be with the Phillies by the All Star Break, lest he opt out then.  A guy with his resume, you can bet he’ll be motivated to get back to the Bigs.  I expect to see him playing hard in Center Field every night from now until the break.  He’s been nicked up the past couple years, had an excellent Spring with Boston, but has under-performed of late.  Here’s hoping he can give our little team a boost for the next couple weeks.  There are only a few home games, though, so get on out and give him a look-see.
  • Cam Perkins left yesterday’s game on suspicion of concussion, I understand.  No news today.  We’ll keep you posted.
  • And as for Brundy, well, I’m glad I’m not the one who has to break it to him:  not only are we now scheduled for two days in Syracuse July 19 and 20, but we’ll have to play FOUR games there before coming home for Buffalo.

Saturday Night is the “Kram Dilemma.”  Somehow I ended up with tickets to three sporting events in three cities at the same time.  I’ve got my IronPigs tickets in Allentown, SteelHawks for their last home game in Bethlehem, and Phillies tickets for the nightcap game in Philadelphia versus the Braves.  Junior is pushing for Phillies.  It’s a really important game for the SteelHawks.  But, there’s the Tiki Party (Trough Party just doesn’t sound as good…) with the ‘Pigs….   I’ll let you know what I decide.



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5 replies

  1. MR KRAM—i think you are off on cliff lee—but BRYCE HARPER we could see Wednesday, Thursday

    • As far as Cliff Lee, I’m merely repeating a mention by one of the Philly beat writers–I haven’t lined up the throw days and all that.

      Bryce Harper? Meh. Perhaps we’ll get a broken bat rack in the visitor’s dugout this time….

  2. I don’t quite understand why the official Ironpigs sites talk about Game Show Night, Socks and Underwear, and Michael Jackson jerseys 4 weeks from now but virtually ignore the big news about Grady Sizemore joining the Ironpigs. I guess the promotions must be more important than what happens on the field. Or maybe it’s a secret. Or did Grady change his mind? I really don’t understand why they only promote the promotions but don’t promote what’s going on with the team. I’ll bet there’s not one fan at the game tonight who shows up because it’s Game Show Night. Grady Sizemore in centerfield for the Ironpigs is bigger than all those other promotions combined. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the main product of the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs is still baseball. .

    • Yeah, I know. I would have led off with it, but I wasn’t certain if he’d start or not. Now Russ Canzler. Things move fast around here, huh?

      “…the main product of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs is still baseball.”

      I love the quote, man, but sometimes I wonder if it’s really true…. For me and you, I guess.

      • Just doing a little research on Russ Canzler and found that he was with the Durham Bulls in 2011 and hit a 1st inning Grand Slam off Ryan Feierabend in a 9-1 Ironpigs loss on 6/7/11.

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