PIG SIGNAL: Bat-Pigs, and More This Weekend

“Everybody’s Workin’ For The Weekend….”


“I’m Batman”


The Pig Signal:  Attention Bat-Pigs, Winning Needed at Coca Cola Park

The Pig Signal: Attention Bat-Pigs, Winning Needed at Coca Cola Park






It’s Going to be a busy, piggy weekend.  Here’s what you need to know to get the maximum pig-ness:

The Baseball:

The IronPigs look to continue their winning ways, after having won three in a row from Charlotte in come-from-behind fashion.  Columbus comes in having lost two in a row; however, they had won their previous 7.  Former IronPig pitchers Tyler Cloyd and JC Ramirez are on the team.  Here are the probable pitching match-ups:

Friday: Greg Smith (4-5, 4.31) vs. RHP Danny Salazar (1-3, 6.11)

Saturday: Barry Enright (3-6, 4.77) vs. RHP Tyler Cloyd (4-4, 4.69)

Sunday: Sean O’Sullivan (3-6, 4.23) vs. RHP Kyle Davies (4-4, 3.81)

Monday: Brad Lincoln (4-3, 4.24) vs. RHP Travis Banwart (4-2, 3.59)


The Park:

Friday:  Superheros night, with Batman Jersey Auction and Friday Night Fireworks.  Black Out Night, wear black.

Saturday: Post-game fireworks, probable Tiki Party

Sunday: Piggy-Bank giveaway (kiddos)

Monday: Dish Towel giveaway


The Menu: (Pig Stop)

Friday: Pig-Trough French Fries with Toppings

Saturday: Meatball Sandwich

Sunday: Fajita Bar

Monday: Pork Slider Trio


The Noise Nation:

Friday: Player interviews NNTV stuff to be posted later in the weekend.  Stay tuned!

Saturday:  PRE-game tailgate, 4:30PM LSI (lower) lot.  Dear friends from the Philly area are in town for the game and we’re set to show them a good time.  There should be a couple different grills going–stop by!  The Kram Krew will be in the Hot Corner for the game.

Sunday: POST-game tailgate, in Joe’s Corner.  Nothing fancy, probably leftovers from Saturday 😉  Perhaps we’ll try to stream the soccer game somehow.

Monday:  A day to recover before the ‘Pigs head to Syracuse for a pair.

See you at the park,




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