You Win Some, You Lose Some: Weekend Update for IronPigs and SteelHawks

So it looks like the IronPigs lost II to I last night in a close battle of….

Wait, what?  They don’t score in Roman Numerals?  Oh, 11-1.  Sheesh.

But let’s step back a minute.  The ‘Pigs did get a win Friday night, 3-0 behind Brad “Hot Rod” Lincoln.  Leandro Castro had a big triple to plate two in the win.  I was looking to the record book for scoreless streak, as Lincoln hasn’t allowed a run in three games now, 18 innings.  What I found was that he’s not even the current leader on his own team.  That’s right, Cesar Jimenez is currently at 19 scoreless.  Good work fellas.  Maybe let’s get some AAA All-Star votes in for these guys, huh?

Saturday night wasn’t nearly as pretty.  Chris Bootcheck allowed 6 runs in the first two innings, and that was about it.  The 4 in the second were on a grand slam with two outs–those things happen.  Two shaky outings by Chris–hope everything’s all right health wise.  Neris and Horst also had shaky innings, but sometimes in games like this I can imagine that it’s an opportunity to work on things outside the game situation.  Not that anyone wants to put up bad numbers, though.

But that doesn’t excuse the bats.  Guys are pressing, according to media reports quoting manager Dave Brundage.  You’ve got to credit the opposition, too, though.  We’ve been facing pitchers with sub-3.00 ERAs for a while now.  One of the >4.00 guys we faced during the Indianapolis series hadn’t allowed but one run in three games coming in.  Still not hitting well, but there are some reasons…

Greg Smith with his new delivery versus LHP Kris Johnson (6-3, 2.42) (sheesh) in a Father’s Day Afternoon Special, 1PM today in Rochester, as the IronPigs try to salvage a split and avoid losing a fourth straight series 3-1.

Injury Updates:   Scouring the media reports I was able to come up with a few nuggets:

As we know, Cody Asche should be with the IronPigs when they return home tomorrow.  He hit two homers in his first time out Friday Night with Lakewood, then added a couple hard-hit balls last night.  If he’s still scorching it when he gets to Allentown, don’t count on seeing him all week for the 7-8 games Sandberg says he needs.  They’ll get him up quicker.  Hopefully he’ll still be here Tuesday and Wednesday for a couple special fans who will enjoy seeing him.

Darin Ruf is about three weeks out.  He’s still recovering from a bone bruise in his knee and a hairline fracture in his wrist from that play in Left at Coca Cola Park.  Maybe not right away, but expect to see him back with the IronPigs when he’s healthy.

Freddy Galvis is recovering nicely from a broken collar bone suffered at Coca Cola Park (Left Field side) on Mother’s Day.  He’s already doing some running and throwing, and should be ready to return to game action in three or four weeks.  I’d also expect to see him back with the IronPigs after a game or two at a lower level.

Earlier this month, the Phillies signed pitcher Jason Marquis to a minor league deal. The veteran starter is working out in Florida right now as he recovers from off-season Tommy John surgery.  He could be ready for games sometime in July, and currently occupies a spot in my mind as IronPigs “starter in waiting”–although I suppose he’s that for the Phillies, too, as he did start 20 games for the Padres last season, and 22 games between Minnesota and the Padres in 2012.  Like the others, I’d expect him to start at a lower level and quickly work his way up.

Finally, “Man of Mystery” Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez has been throwing again following rests for shoulder problems and “dead arm.”  Media reports suggest he’s been hitting 92-94 on the gun.  We’ll see if that amounts to anything once he gets back into game action–probably with Clearwater.  He’s a long way from the IronPigs as far as I’m concerned.

Ripple Effect for the ‘Pigs?

These moves could impact the IronPigs’ roster.  Things change fast, though, so let’s just look at the most imminent move:  Asche will get activated and an infielder will be available from the Phillies.  Reid Brignac’s been playing really well lately, and Ronny Cedeno is the best candidate to back up J-Roll at SS.  Add in the shortage of infielders that prompted the Spears/Ryal/Maruszak signings, and I’ll predict that Cesar Hernandez will get optioned, rather than exposing Ronny or Reid to waivers/free agency right away.  We’ll find room for him with the IronPigs.

And now on to the win:  The SteelHawks came from behind, overcoming missed extra-points, injuries, and a fifth-down TD by the Fire to win in overtime 63-57.  There were key defensive plays, including a pick-6 (Hollis), a fumble-TD (by DL returnee Larry Ford).  Still, they’ve got to keep Bednarik upright (props to McSweeney, though, who filled in well for the former PIFL All Start), they’ve got to convert the extra points, and they’ve got to petition the league for some better officials.  Fifth down?!?   C’mon.

The win snaps a five-game losing streek for the ‘Hawks and has them at 5-5 and tied for second with Richmond in the North Division.  Alas, my dream for a home playoff game seems unlikely with Trenton at 8-2 on top.  Still, Trenton’s not that far away, and there’s always the opportunity for a home championship game if the ‘Hawks can get things together for  a good record and the Venom lose in the other divisional round game.  I’m still cheering for them…

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there, and we’ll see you at the park tomorrow as the IronPigs return home for another 8-game stand.

Look for RollerGirls updates forthcoming.  DoubleHeader last night, and a Bethlehem Match today–video and details to come.


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  1. I, for one, would be delighted to welcome Cesar Hernandez back to Coca-Cola Park. It’s a shame he ever had to spend time in Reading, given what’s probably going to happen to him now. He was expecting a job with the Phillies, which made it easier to take; now he’ll be right back where he started, with all of that for nothing.

    • I don’t know about “for nothing.” The Phillies wanted to see if they could trust him to fill in at SS and 3B. He proved it enough to be on the big team for a fair amount of this season. That’s service time and a nice paycheck (relative to MiLB or, mine). Cesar’s probably a second-tier 2B starter on most teams, or an INF utility guy in the Majors. Don’t forget the amount of time Utley’s missed the previous two seasons with his balky knees. Cesar will be a free agent soon enough, then it will be up to the Phillies to decide to pay him or not–and he won’t have options.

      If we get to see him again here in Allentown this summer, we’ll just enjoy having him on the team and in the lineup–we all will. We won’t have him long.

      • I’ll be happy every game he plays here. And if I get lucky enough to see the Galvis-Hernandez combo again I’ll be thrilled beyond words! As far as I’m concerned, they were the best double-play combo in the International League and gave the ‘Pigs a solid infield up the middle. Freddie, hurry up and get well, okay?

        I know Cesar’s eventually going somewhere. I hopes it’s with the Phillies, so I can see him play regularly. He’s going to be a star one day, I think, and I’m tired of seeing former ‘Pigs turn up as stars for other teams (Grilli, Moss, Vogelsong, etc.).

        • Yeah, regarding Grilli, Moss and Vogelsong (et al) I know. Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge Phillies fan, but I do like that we got to see them play as part of “our” team in seasons past.

          BTW, nice outing by former IronPig Vance Worley yesterday. 7 innings scoreless in a start for Pittsburgh–didn’t get the win as their pen coughed it up.

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