Crazy Like A Fox

The ‘Pigs dropped another one last night in Rochester to the first-place Wings.  Sean O’Sullivan pitched very well allowing three runs over six innings, but alas the bats remain dormant.  The ‘Pigs could manage only three hits, and that’s not going to win you many games.  They faced a pitcher named “Pino” who is now 9-1 with a 1.92, so I suppose credit where due, there.  Tyler Henson and Tyson Gillies returned to the lineup.  “Hot Rod” Lincoln tonight, Bootcheck on Saturday, and Greg Smith Sunday afternoon before the team returns home Monday to face Charlotte.  The losing is making me crazy, but I think there’s help on the way:

The Crystal Ball

My crystal ball tells me that Cody Asche could be around early next week for rehab.  He’s due to start tonight in Lakewood, I believe, and if everything goes well over the weekend could be in town for a couple games with the ‘Pigs early next week.  Reports are that they want him to have 6-7 games.  Remember, though, crystal balls are not 100% accurate.

Also On Tap

This second 8-game set is going to be a busy one around here.  There are some nice giveaways at the park:  Glass Mug Monday, Pigs Fly Cap Tuesday, Baseball Cards (kiddos) Wednesday, Ruf Garden Gnome Thursday, Fireworks Friday and Saturday, Piggy Bank Sunday (kiddos), and a Dish Towel on Monday!

In addition, expect a special guest to be in town on Tuesday (more news to come), the T-Shirts and Tickets should be ready for pre-distribution for the July 1 event , we may get some NoiseNation TV stuff done on Friday, there’s a massive pre-game tailgate planned for Saturday, and the traditional Sunday post-game gathering.  Busy stuff.  Please stay tuned for additional details on all.

Welcome Back

Reports surfaced last night that the Phillies have signed former IronPig Jake Fox to a minor league deal and assigned him to Lehigh Valley.  He had been playing with Vaqueros de la Laguna in the Mexican League.  He’s only 31 (He’ll be 32 in July; I thought he was older last time he was an IronPig in 2012, but…) and hitting .307/.397/.605 over 215 at-bats in 57 games.  He’s listed as an outfielder, but I seem to remember that he can play some 3B and 1B, too.  They say that the Mexican League is on par with AAA, and it sure seems like he can still hit, so we’ll welcome him back.

But, do we read anything into this?  Is Franco headed for the Phillies?

Nah, I don’t think so.  Franco’s still young, and not hitting great at the moment.  I think with Asche on the way back they’ll want him (Asche) to play every day at this juncture and for Franco to continue to work on his game in Allentown.  I think this move has more to do with news that Darin Ruf still has swelling in his knee, as well as a broken bone in his wrist from that collision with the wall at Coca Cola Park.  While Perkins has done well so far, I don’t think Altherr or Dugan are going to be promoted this season from Reading considering the time they’ve both missed to injury.  I expect to see Fox get some corner OF time and some DH time going forward.  Only other thing that came to mind was, this is the same league Josh Fields was with before he got injured (Campeche)–would have been great to have him back as well, had it worked out that way.

And, should we be concerned that the Phillies keep signing guys from the Independent Leagues to play for us?  Maruczak was a free agent, Spears and Ryal were in the Atlantic League, and now Fox from Mexico?

Here’s my take–and it’s the same thing I was saying when they let Hanzawa, Friend, and Overbeck go:  These guys didn’t just forget how to play.  Overbeck got signed out of the Atlantic League to play for the AA Padres, and I’d expect him to get promoted to AAA if needed.  Hanzawa got picked up by Toledo and faced us a couple weeks ago.  I’ve been unable to locate Justin Friend, but I know he can still get guys out.  So we welcome Fox, Ryal, Spears and Maruczak (now with Reading) and I know they welcome the opportunity to return to affiliated ball.  It’s one step closer for them and if things break right, they could find themselves in (or back in) the Majors.  I know they’ll play hard for us.

Injury Updates

I don’t really have any, unfortunately.  And, that’s usually a bad sign.  We do know that Cody Asche is working his way back to the big club as mentioned above.  We’ve heard that Darin Ruf may be out for a good while.  I haven’t heard anything from Clete Thomas or Matt Tolbert to suggest that they are close, and with the recent signings, it doesn’t look good.  I’ve also not heard much about Jon Pettibone or Adam Morgan as they rehab their shoulders.  We’ll keep our ears to the ground around here and let you know if we hear anything.

Have a great weekend off, folks.  Cheer for the SteelHawks on the road and go catch a RollerGirls Bout or two (DoubleHeader Tomorrow!).  There’s some action at the Velodrome this evening, and soccer on TV all weekend.  See you at the park on Monday!


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