The best @PigsRadio “Clip O’ The Game” EVER

So the IronPigs finished the back-end of the Norfolk series taking 4 out of 5 with an exciting 4-3 “Walk-Off Assist Victory”!

A what you say?


Ken “Miles” Giles got in a bit of trouble until Tyson “ChuckHustle” Gillies threw out the tying run at home to end the game and that folks is a “Walk-Off Assist Victory!

Maikel Franco’s first AAA triple and a “What Can Go Long Will Go Long” Jim Murphy HR (and a SAC fly) helped the ‘Pigs to their 4 runs.

Oh and how do you like that Chris Bootcheck with an amazing 0.75 ERA surrendering only 1 run in 12 innings thus far for Lehigh Valley.

That’s all well and good but not really what we are here for.

So without further ado…

Click below to hear what may be the best Matt Provence “Clip O’ The Game” EVER!

OR click to download


Da Dish

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