‘Pigs Open Road Trip with Big Win

The IronPigs avoided a third-straight loss by winning the opening game of their near-southern road trip in Norfolk yesterday.  Barry Enright got the win as he continues to be an innings-horse.  He want 7 1/3 and probably could have gone more.  He will get victimized by the long fly ball on occasion, and yesterday was no different as Weeks and Wallace both went yard.  Both were solo shots, though, and a 3-run job by Ronny Cedeno (his first of the year) and a 2-run blast by Tyler Henson paced the ‘Pigs to a 5-4 win.  Kenny Giles notched the 1 2/3 save largely on the strength of is excellent slider, more than the 100MPH heater.

Kenny Giles Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Kenny Giles
, earlier this season with Reading Photo: Cheryl Pursell

The Pigs are back at it tonight with a double-header starting at 5:05PM.  We’ll be the home team for one game, as it’s a makeup from the Friday 4/25 rainout.  Initially, I thought the IronPigs would be “home”during the first game, but MiLB.com has it the other way around.  No matter, expect Sean O’Sullivan in the first game and Seth Rosin to start the second.  I’m a little surprised by the Rosin choice, as I thought yesterday when Brundage left Giles in to face a veritable “murder’s row” of lefty batters that he was saving Jimenez for the double-header start.  Perhaps he’ll still go multiple innings, or perhaps he’s being groomed in that “closer” role a bit more lately.  It’s worth observing.

Also of note:  Hector Neris has returned from exile in Reading. He never deserved to go down to begin with, but got caught in the numbers game.  His success continued in Reading, and he’s back where he should be.  He should see action tonight, along with BJ Rosenberg who has been reinstated following his concussion.

The IronPigs couldn’t get out on the road fast enough, following a listless 4-0 performance at home on Sunday.  Greg Smith pitched well in the loss, but yielded a 3-run home run in the seventh and received no run support whatsoever.  The ‘Pigs are 15-9 on the road, and 11-15 at home.

Team Notes:

  • What could be responsible for the home/road split?  Should we all chip in so that they can get a per diem for the home games?  Lack of distractions on the road?  My prediction is, things will equal out as the season rolls on.  The ‘Pigs were 40-32 at home last year after a slow home start.
  • The Pigs are a combined 5-10 on Fridays and Saturdays.  Do they get distracted by the weekends?  Or do they just hate those new unis?  I think they won for the first time yesterday wearing the bacons on the road.
  • The Pigs are 13-6 in day games, including yesterday’s win, and 13-18 after dark.  At least one of today’s is a natural light game, right?
  • The Pigs are 11-6 in one-run games–a sign of good managing, if you ask me.  It was always a strength during the Sandberg years, and always a weakness during the dark era (read: Huppert years).
  • The Pigs are 22-16 versus a Right-Hand starter, and 4-8 versus a lefty.  It’s kind of interesting based on the power numbers and the big right-hand bats we have in Murphy, Rupp, Franco, and Hill (switch).

More news later,


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