IronPigs Debut New Concession for 2014: Funnel Cakes and Fries

The funnel cakes and fries stand opened at last night’s game.  The sparse crowd–no doubt kept away by hail and threat of bacon–allowed a somewhat soft opening.  It’s a nice addition to the ballpark, and adds some riffs on some old favorites.

I feel like the menu could be expanded going forward, but that’s a post for a different day.  I sampled the Buffalo Fries and the deep fried oreos.  The buffalo fries were good, and about what I expected.  I had never had the carnival favorite Oreos, but gave them a try and shared them with Kram3.

When you order the fries, you are given a choice of regular french fries, waffle cut, or chips.  That’s a nice touch as well.  Here are the menus:

fries menu

funnel menu

PS:  In case you hadn’t heard, there’s also a new Gluten Free Stand behind section 106!  More on that upcoming.

See you at the park,



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2 replies

  1. Just checking: have the corresponding items been removed from the sign at the nearby Blast Furnace Grill?

  2. Don’t know, but they wouldn’t necessarily need to be: sometimes it’s handy to get all the stuff you need in one stand visit and one line wait rather than two. Either way is OK, I guess…

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