IronPigs Bull Pen Confidence Meter

I had been, maybe, a bit too patient with our relievers.  I know the guys are battling and the conditions haven’t always been good.  I figure every guy is entitled to one game where he just doesn’t have it, or where all heck breaks loose and he just can’t close it down.  Sometimes poor defense and bad luck are involved.  No one’s ever asked me to be a pitcher, but I get it.  But we’re in the middle of May, now, and it’s time to lock down wins and help your starters.  Here’s what I’ve got:

Cesar Jimenez, from 2013.  Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Cesar Jimenez, from 2013. Photo: Cheryl Pursell

A bunch of these guys have Major League experience, and are trying to get back there.  We’ve got a couple young guys still getting their feet wet at AAA.  The below rating assumes a close game and no more than two innings necessary to keep us in the game or to lock down the win.

On a scale of 1-100, where 100 is supreme and life-betting confidence and 1 is jump from the club level balcony,  these are my confidence ratings as of 5/13/2014:

  1. Cesar Jimenez: 85   The lefty is tough physically and mentally.  No IronPigs spot is going to be too big for him with his MLB experience.  He can easily go multiple innings if needed.
  2. Justin De Fratus: 82  There were a couple shaky outings early on, but he’s been really strong of late.  He hasn’t allowed an earned run in his last five outings going back to May 1.  He’s pitched six innings scoreless over that time.
  3. Ken Giles: 79   “100 Miles” is going to have a tough outing at some point, but for now I have confidence that the youngster could get it done in most circumstances.
  4. Brad Lincoln: 75  Went four strong in Charlotte to help get the IronPigs a victory when David Buchanan couldn’t go.  Seems to be hot and cold, and could be due for “cold.”  He’s got the experience though, and I have to believe the veteran could muscle through.
  5. Jeremy Horst:  68  He’s had a couple shaky outings lately.  There have been a few earned runs and a bunch of inherited runners scored, as well.  The lefty is still getting healthy, though, by reports, and I’m hopeful for improvement.
  6. Seth Rosin:   60  He didn’t get taken in the ‘Rule 5’ for nothing.  He should be settling in by now.  I think he has the stuff to do it, and just needs to lock down some consistency.
  7. Phillippe Aumont:  50  All joking aside, I was hoping a change in his delivery would add a modicum of consistency and control for his fastball, in exchange for the slower speed.  What had been a 95-96 heater is now 90-92 T94.  The curve is an adventure.  My pacemaker is only under warranty until later this year, so…
  8. Kyle Simon:  40  I want him to do well.  I really do.  And no one’s ever asked me to be a scout.  Or, a pitching coach.  Or, to write a blog, actually.  But what I see is one good pitch–if it’s working then we’re fine.  If not, well, 11.00 era.

All ratings subject to change.  As soon as tonight, actually.  Leave your own in the comments if you disagree.



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  1. Mastur-blogging:
    If I were to add Ethan Martin to the above scale, I think I’d give him about 77-78: He’s still building arm strength and working on things as a reliever. He’s bound to have a bad outing at some point, I’d think. He looked pretty good yesterday. If your core stuff is good enough, and around the plate enough, then you’ll get some calls and some bad swings (De Fratus got a swing on a 57-footer yesterday). You’ll get away with some mistakes (Ethan did yesterday on a hanging curve yesterday). If you’re wild, batters will learn to wait it out and play the count. (see also: Aumont, Phillippe)

  2. Glad to see you’ve finally converted! And I agree with both the order and ratings of the pitchers as you have them.

    • Yeah, kind of held up last night, didn’t it? It was Rosin who gave up the homer, but at least he didn’t walk 4 guys first…

      I’ll update it after another swing through the rotation.

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