IronPigs Donate Win to Gwinnett; @DMitch244 Has A Day


Do you wear a jersey to the game?

I do, sometimes.  Early on I didn’t, simply because I didn’t own any.  Now, as they accumulate, I’ve got enough that I can wear a different one each day of a home stand.  I’m not bragging; it’s kind of silly really.  And, there are folks who collect them who have many more than I have.  But the question is, how should I choose which one to wear?

Like many baseball players and fans, I admit to a certain level of superstition.  My strategy had been to wear the jersey matching with the team jersey of the evening.  You know, like the above powder blue on Sunday or the Red on Saturday. It’s for good luck and it serves the duel purpose of being ready in case I’m asked to play in the game (ha!).



Last night, our old friend Derrick Mitchell had a day.  Three home runs to the bull pens in left, 4 RBI in a 9-8 Braves win in which the IronPigs led 8-6 headed to the eighth and 8-7 headed to the ninth.  I wasn’t nearly as crushed as I normally would have been with such a heart-wrenching loss.  Could be because I liked seeing Derrick do so well.  Could be because I enjoyed the debut of Kenny “100 Miles” Giles.  Or maybe I was just happy to have the team back in town.

In any case, Sebastian Valle had a day, too.  He hit a homer and a double of his own and generated 5 RBI.  It sets up some competition for playing time when Cameron Rupp returns (he’s catching in Ext Spring Training game as I type…) as Tommy Joseph has been playing well in Reading.  Tommy did leave yesterday’s game with a non-head injury, so we’ll have to monitor that.  Koyie Hill deserves to play, too, you know.

Derrick Mitchell Hits the First of a Record Three Homers on the Night. Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Derrick Mitchell Hits the First of a Record Three Homers on the Night.
Photo: Cheryl Pursell

So today’s another day.  We look forward to the return of Freddy Galvis.  I hope to see him starting, and batting either first or second.  It’s tough to take Henson out of that spot, though.  He’s been hitting so well–another two hits last night.  Barry Enright on the mound tonight and a hockey cap giveaway.  Let’s hope the rain holds off.

But back to the jerseys.  Which one did I wear last night?  The black one to match.  Bad luck I guess.  Last time I wore it we won in a walk-off–but it wasn’t a Friday.  Do I dare wear the Saturday jersey?  I might.  I’ve got a Freddy Galvis I won in a raffle, and it’s the old Saturday not the new Bacon one.  Or, I could wear the D-Mitch above–put the hex on him.  😉

Now, let’s talk about hats….

See you at the park,





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4 replies

  1. Maybe you weren’t crushed last night, but I was — despite DMitch’s three homers. Once again we lose a one-run game thanks to a combination of bad pitching, poor fielding (early on) and a bad call by the umpire at home plate. Once again we score enough runs to guarantee a victory — except it didn’t. I was so dejected I was glad it looked like a rainout Saturday night.

    When is this team going to learn to win?

    • Your points are valid, Jim, but let me attempt to talk you down off the ledge:

      1. The team never gave up. The Valle homer was huge–gave the team life, but after four early runs they didn’t just fold it up.
      2. The manager and coaches are doing things to win games. In general, and where they can, they are making moves that make sense on the field and result in an improved chance for winning. I remember Huppert going months without ever changing pitchers in the middle of an inning.
      3. Greg Smith isn’t going to have a game like that very often. He didn’t get much help from his defense, either, though.
      4. I thought he was out at the plate, too. However, reports are that the ball was still in his hand when the tag was applied with the glove. I’ll have to check Cheryl’s photo again for evidence.
      5. I think they’re going to win. They’re still at .500 and they’re only 3.0 games out of the lead. They’re 6-4 over the past 10. That’s winning baseball.

      They have to keep grinding and they have to tighten things up on the relief pitching. They don’t have Reid Brignac to anymore to win games with homers…

      C’mon buddy. Don’t ever wish for rain on a game day… 🙂

      • I wasn’t really serious about wishing for rain — though I just heard the first crack of thunder here in Bethlehem. Yes, I realize the coaching is much improved, and I was impressed that they came back to take the lead several times during the game. They never gave up after being down 4-0 and that says something.

        I guess I just hate losing. Always have. Probably always will. For me, no sport is worth bothering with unless you try your level best to win, and that philosophy often clashes with the real purpose of Minor League Baseball. It can be frustrating. Good players disappear. Guys who can’t pitch hang around longer than they should. Pitchers are left in to see what they’re made of, rather than yanking them to make sure a lead is preserved or a deficit doesn’t get too big to overcome.

        A close friend of ours died last night, about the time the game was ending. It reminds me that I am 61 years old, and there are still a few things on my bucket list. One of those things is to see the ‘Pigs win the Governor’s Cup and then the championship game with the PCL. Okay, maybe that’s two things. But I’ll settle for one of the two.

        • I think those things are on my bucket list as well. The only reason I replied so much is that I often feel similar. I’m WAY too emotionally attached to my minor league team…

          I did think of what may have had me in such a good mood last night: It was the first time in six years that I made it through an entire game without spending any money. None. Not one dime. DiPro and Joe bought me beers at the bar, and my ticket credits paid for everything else Junior and I had to eat and drink. My parking is free, too. That’s never happened before. Don’t tell management….

          Tonight will be different. All four of us going, plus two others, and food from the bar menu most likely. Worry not management, you’ll get me one way or another…

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