Red Sox Series and Other News

Hey All,

Check out that Super Fans episode in the last post if you haven’t done so already.  I haven’t had the guts to watch it yet, but they say it’s good. It was fun to do, anyway, but make no mistake:  We missed Cheryl!  I feel like “spoiled talent” sometimes with my complaining about microphones.  I apologize in advance if I ever go all Casey Kasam/Christian Bale at one of these things.

Just kidding.  As always, it’s all for fun.  But speaking of hissy fits:  Sorry to hear about Tyson Gillies’ latest episode.  It’s tough, because every time some little thing like this happens, all the past stuff gets brought up, too.  My initial thought was the same as DiPro’s:  I’m glad he cares.  It’s good that he’s not a guy who takes losing lightly.  However, Brundage said to the beat reporters, something to the effect of, “recurrent episodes.”  I’m not sure if he was referring to Tyson’s bus driver incident last season, or if other things have happened in the club house which we are not aware of.  It appears that the blogosphere has checked out on Tyson, but I gotta say I like watching him play–even if he’s not successful, dude brings it every night on every play.

Here’s one more interesting part to this:  teammates are coming out publicly to defend him.  I know he fools around a lot on Twitter.  However, if he was really a bad dude, you wouldn’t see Justin De Fratus, Cameron Rupp, and Scott Mathieson (among others) publicly support him after this latest incident.  Finally, even though he wasn’t at the park yesterday, and didn’t take BP or fielding, I did notice his name was on the lineup card.  I also didn’t get any official roster move that added him to the “suspended list” or anything like that.  I suppose this is more of an internal suspension?

Enough of that.  We’ve got a PawSox team to take care of if we’re going to remain competitive in the International League North.  Here are the projected pitching matchups:

Saturday (6:35PM): Pettibone (1-0, 5.40) vs RHP Brandon Workman (0-0, 6.48)

Sunday (1:35PM): David Buchanan (2-0, 2.74) vs RHP Rubby De La Rossa (1-0, 1.19)

Monday (7:05PM):  Greg Smith (2-0, 2.04) vs RHP Allan Webster (1-1, 3.08)

Tuesday (10:35AM): Barry Enright (0-1, 4.79) vs LHP Anthony Ranaudo (1-2, 4.56)


Other Notes:

Get to the game early tonight (Saturday) to see the police/firefighter softball game.  Bid on the jerseys if you so desire.

Get to the game early tomorrow (Sunday) to get the Mickey Morandini shirsey.  It looks cool.  Stay late if you’d like to tailgate.  I think I’ll be making my famous hot dog chili.  “Joe’s Corner” under the flag…  there might be a wiffle game…

Post-Game Sundays....

Post-Game Sundays….

Get to the game early on Monday for the Ethan Martin bobble doll.

Take the day off on Tuesday to go to the game.  Or, get “sick.”  I’ll write you an excuse…

See you at the park, and Go SteelHawks and Go RollerDerby!  Let’s win everything this weekend!


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