A Road Trip, A Rant & A Railrider – Catching Up

It’s been a few days.. we always tell ourselves that this hobby should never get in the way of important things in life and we are true to that commitment. Fortunately, we always have time to catch up!

Official Noise Nation Road Trip Report:

Date: 18 April 2014

1:30pm – The Noise Nation staff decides that seeing Kurt Landes redeeming his bet, after losing last year’s IronRail wager, is worth the trip to Moosic to see our IronPigs take on the SWB Railriders. A plan is decided upon and is set in motion.

4:30pm – DiPro and Dan arrive at Kram’s place, enjoy some pasta, get some puppy time in and start off the journey.

4:31pm – The RoadTrip Pig Mix CD actually works in the car’s CD player. Yakkety Yak is drowned out by our sing along. (The CD did not work in our first road trip that you can read about here)

6:00pm – We arrive in Moosic. The Will Call stand is set up independently of the ticket windows and we receive our tickets in no time at all. I really like this. We are soon greeted by a lot of camouflage gear, some taxidermy examples and a lot of smiling faces. This was my first trip to PNC Field since the renovation and despite some hesitance, the gang took a lap around the field to satisfy my curiosity. A very friendly usher informed us that it was Outdoors night and there would be a guest appearance by AE’s Duck Dynasty cast member Mountain Man. We proceeded to the outfield where we saw an available bar and a bartender constantly looking over her shoulder. There was no net set up behind the bar that, as I was told, occasionally will lose a bottle to a home run ball. There was also a BBQ stand that offered pulled pork and pierogi sandwiches. Had I not eaten before we left I would have tried one. Perhaps on the next trips. We also saw an area behind the bar where a party deck is under construction. We made our way around the outfield concourse, a beautiful view, and ended up at the picnic area. A bit further down the line.. I met my mission for the evening…

6:25pm – Dan discovers the jumping frog contest.

Photo - Kram

Photo – Kram

So you get 5 frog tries for $2 with a nice prize selection. I tried. I tried some more. I tried again later but I just couldn’t get those frogs to stick to the lily pads. Next time frogs.. Next time!

We head to the team store and guess what we find! Horns & Bells for sale!



What can I say.. it brought a tear to my eye I was so happy.

6:35pm – Kram Jr hits up the ice cream stand for his first milkshake. (Stay tuned for my ice cream rant later in this post)

7:00pm – The game begins. After the 1st inning Dan and Kram Jr. head over to get Mountain Man’s autograph.

Photo - Kram Jr.

Photo – Kram Jr.

7:45pm – Dan tries again, unsuccessfully, to win the Frog game

8:00pm – We grab a big slab of some great sorta-Sicilian style pizza and head back to the seats. Kram Jr. grabs another milkshake.

From there the game proceeded as always. Good umpire calls mixed in with bad umpire calls along with the cheers and boos that go along with them. Some errors, some runs. It was baseball as we all have learned to love.

Barry Enright on the Mound: Photo: Kram

Barry Enright on the Mound:
Photo: Kram

9:01pm – Dan decides to get some ice cream, Kram Jr. takes him along. We discover it is closed by just a minute, but wait! The stand owners wave us over and say they can serve up anything for “Their best customer!” Kram Jr makes many recommendations on milkshakes and flavor combinations (of which there were a lot) but I go with my old standard vanilla ice cream cone, soft serve.

Rant time

Long story – I like ice cream. I do not like frozen yogurt. I know some people like yogurt and that it is supposedly more healthy for you but when I’m jumping off the diet train for a ballpark treat I don’t want yogurt. I want something created as a mix, spun around in a cold ice cream machine and that has as much fat and calories as it does flavor. The cone cost a reasonable ballpark price. I have to say I have not yet tried the yogurt stand at our very own Coca Cola Park. One – I don’t like frozen yogurt. It’s not that I simply prefer soft serve ice cream, I just don’t like it. Not going to eat it Sam I Am, Not in a car or in a van. You get the point. Another thing about that stand is that it suffers from the buffet to go syndrome. Anyone who has ever partaken in the local grocery store’s Chinese buffet realizes real quick how fast the scale rises when it’s priced at close to $10 a pound and those treats and toppings build up fast. I’ll happily pay a set price for a set amount long before I face the unimaginable oops of a $20 sundae.

Short story – I like ice cream. I don’t like frozen yogurt.

Would love for Coca Cola Park to add a soft serve ice cream stand. The vendor up at PNC Field told me he was very interested in expanding to Coca Cola Park so hopefully they figure out a way to make this happen.

So the game ended with a Pigs win in extra innings and we left before the fireworks began. We had a great time but were a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see IronPig’s General Manager Kurt Landes sing for us. Later confirmed by Twitter, the singing was pre-recorded and to be played in Moosic only after an IronPig loss. We are looking for the full video and when we get it in we will share with you.

We got back home around midnight and a good night was had by all!


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  1. The Saturday-Sunday-Monday attendance for the Ironpigs vs. SWB Railriders at PNC Field was 3,830, 3,358, and 4,163. The smallest attendance in the 6+ year history of the Ironpigs at Coca-Cola Park was 4,485 way back on April 14, 2008.

    • Yeah April games are tough. Without a huge season ticket number, they are depending on the walk-up. Despite nice weather–probably it was the holiday weekend keeping folks away. They’ll be OK. We got to see the stadium a little better this time; last year we were there during one of the Jeter games–it was crazy. They ran out of ice cream that day. Perhaps that’s why Jr had so many this time–worried they were going to run out again. Next time I give him a smaller bill to shop with, I’ll tell you that.

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