When A Bat Becomes A Weapon

On Sunday afternoon, Ironpigs third baseman Maikel Franco got jammed by an inside fastball.  He swung at the pitch and the bat split in half.  The barrel of the bat spiraled down the third base line while the handle of the bat remained in his hands.   Take a good close look at the splintered  end of the bat in Franco’s hands.  I would imagine the piece soaring towards the Rochester third baseman had to be just as sharp.  If you look close you can see the barrel of the bat ‘flying’ down the third base line.

I remember a few years ago a girl at a Dodgers game got “stabbed” with the sawed off barrel end of a bat.  Wish I knew if Franco’s bat was ash or maple.  I heard that the problems with maple bats had been resolved as best as possible, but this looks dangerous.  This also happened to Franco at third base in the Rochester series as he was unable to throw a runner out at first because he was busy dodging a splintered bat.2014 LV Ironpigs 142 Maikel Franco

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  1. I saw this happen at an Ambassadors game many moons ago, and the broken barrel hit the first baseman, I think. He was hurt pretty badly – nothing to laugh about, for sure!

  2. I don’t care what the league says, the issue with maple bats has definitely NOT been resolved! Already this season we’ve seen about a half-dozen bats shatter in players’ hands and you’re dead right, it’s a major safety issue.

    A couple of years ago, I saw a child sitting with his parents in the front row, behind the net in back of home plate, get up and stand about two feet from the net to get a better view. The pitcher threw a fastball and literally sawed off the bat. It came flying back towards the net, its pointy end sharpened like a spear and facing forward. It went as far as it could threw the net before the circumference of the bat was big enough to stop it in the netting — about an inch from the boy’s chest.

    I nearly had a heart attack. Ever since then, I warn kids (and their parents) not to let their children stand up against the net. Saturday night, two boys were doing just that when our usher came down and sent them back to their seats. What did their father do? Instead of thanking him for potentially saving a life, he yelled at the usher and was generally very nasty.

    I want to say “Thank you” to that usher, MIKE SMITH, for doing the right thing. A lot of ushers don’t bother, figuring they’ll “let the kids have some fun.” That’s a mistake. Mike, you’re a hero as far as I’m concerned, and that nasty parent that yelled at you should lose his season ticket, if he has one. If not, he should be “persona non grata” for the rest of the season.

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