@IronPigs Reveal #SmellTheChange Tomorrow! NN Will have Live Coverage!

The kinda-long awaited release of what the IronPigs have planned for their #SmellTheChange promotion will be revealed at 1:00pm Eastern tomorrow 2/24/2014 and the Noise Nation Staff will be there!

We’ll begin coverage around 12:45pm and carry through the entire announcement followed up by a reaction piece from Noise Nation Podcast Radio and later in the day a thorough account of the day’s activities.

Kram will be there in his Piggy Patrol jacket, we’ll see tomorrow if DiPro can find his jacket and the great Cheryl Pursell will be there cameras in hand recording this event for posterity!

The live coverage will mainly be via our Twitter account, @NoiseNation but also make sure to follow and track @Kram209, @CherylPursell and @JasonDipro for timely updates and maybe even a surprise!

Remember – Coverage begins at 12:45pm tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Categories: CherylPursellsPhotos, DiPro's Dish, Kram's Korner - From the Club Level, Lehigh Valley IronPigs, NN Podcast Radio, Noise Nation-Dan

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  2. TBT: “Smelling What the IronPigs are Cooking”

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