New General Admission Option for IronPigs: 5+5

Recent manipulation of the IronPigs ticket purchase screens has revealed a new General Admission option.  It only pops up when I use my Season Ticket Holder code.  It is a new option for General Admission tickets.


But lets step back for a moment:  Recall that the “capacity” of Coca Cola Park was increased by 100 last season to help accommodate the Tiki Terrace (which is probably more than 100 seats, but..).  This season, new seats were installed in the Hot Corner and the Bacon Strip.  As I’ve said, I think this is overall a great idea to maximize space and sell more (expensive) tickets.  Coke Capacity remains at 10,100 as Kurt Landes explains that the tickets will come from the General Admission allotment.  This, plus the huge guitar and other signage which blocks view (we love you Wawa!) and what’s a GA fan to do?


Well, here’s a perk:  A new general admission option is to buy a ticket for $10 (rather than the usual $7) and receive $5 in loaded “ballpark credit” value.  So your ticket is really $5!  That’s a pretty good deal!  It’s hard to go to a game without spending at least $5.  I spend that before I get upstairs!  Like most ballpark loaded credit, you won’t be able to use it at the privately owned stands, and certainly not for parking the next night.  But, I wonder if you could save them and use them all at once?  Usually you can use them in the store, too, so that could be useful.


What do you think?  Sounds good to me.  Add your comments below.  I didn’t get this option when I went to the generic buy tickets page, so you might want to ask about it if you’re interested.  Perhaps it’s one of those things that can’t be announced yet….

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  1. I first saw this 5+5 thing mentioned in a pre-season listing of all the ticket prices, and (naturally) thought it would an option for any GA purchase, not just by STHs… but when I got to the ticket windows on Saturday, it was not listed on the signs, and when I asked them about it, they said there was no such option. Obviously this was limited to the advance sales, and in fact I ended up with lower-level seats instead, tho that could just be the “sell the better seats first” policy that’s been there all along.

    Still, $5 credit wouldn’t cover everything I might have there either.

    • It doesn’t really make much sense to have it available only to STH, and they never sent out any email or announcement that it would be such. I think, as you suppose, that it’s one of the “new” things yet to be announced, and that they wanted to get through the first weeks of the single-game ticket sales first–whether for “sell the better” reasons, or even just physical ticket-type reasons. Perhaps because of the loaded value they won’t really have them until the park is open. I’m not sure they would have allowed me to purchase one via that method…

      I was thinking it might be just a glitch/loophole in the ticketing process, but on second glance it does say “STH presale” next to it. Also, the Hot Corner tickets don’t pop up until I use the access code. Interesting. Bacon strip tickets don’t appear at all for me…

      Wait! Yes they do! Use Field section 100 and they come up for both individuals as well as STH.

      My guess remains: 5+5 variation will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

  2. The IronPigs really are masters at leaving no stone unturned when it comes to maximizing revenues received from Coca-Cola Park attendees, are they?

    I’m sure the Phantoms will do their best to emulate the success the IronPigs have had in generating maximum revenues from spectators to its American Hockey League contests at the $ 177.1 million dollar Palace of Sport.

    There ARE valid reasons guys like me and College of Holy Cross economics professor Victor Matheson don’t buy in to the easily disproved concept that minor league sports arenas directly lead to economic revolutions for their surrounding areas and, thus, do not believe that Government should be involved in the business of financing any professional sports arenas, minor league or otherwise.

    At least the IronPigs put about $ 20.0 million dollars of their own money up front in the deal to build the Park, it should always be noted. … So, against whom will the IronPigs be opening their 2013 International League campaign at Coca-Cola Park?

    • Syracuse, still an affiliate of the Washington Nationals, may bring old friend Delwyn Young to town on Thursday April 4.

      I guess the key phrases above use the words “directly” and “revolution.” But, your point is well taken. I don’t know if I want to start the whole discussion right now, but a quick observation is that the other economic motivators in place in Allentown may be a little TOO good. It seems the other businesses moving in are something akin to “rearranging the deck chairs in order to qualify for free drinks” analogy. We’ll see, though. Interesting to “observe,” no?

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