IronPigs – National Pig Day – OinK

While each Pig Day usually starts out the same with everyone wishing warmer weather, the ticket lines were long, fans were eager, and the IronPigs are nearly ready.

Tickets! Anyone Got Tickets?

Tickets! Anyone Got Tickets?

It seemed there were more in attendance this year than last and the lines were long for the Pork sandwiches which had new Executive Chef Jerry Rogers at the helm.

I was eager to get a look at the new seating in the Hot Corner but alas there were no seats.. installed.. yet.. But the spot looks great and there was a sample seat that was quite comfortable. As you will see in the picture below the seat is mesh – no more butt burns!

While visiting with Ron Rushe (Director of Corporate Partnerships) who was also wishing for warmer weather, General Manager Kurt Landes stopped by to talk about the Hot Corner and the upcoming season. Kurt was keen to mention there were a few more surprises coming up soon. I inquired about one of those surprises being new uniforms. Kurt replied with “There will be a few more surprises coming up soon.”  If I were him I wouldn’t have told me either – ha – but regardless I’m sure, as always it will be good stuff!

I want this for my seat!

I want this for my seat!

The bring a glove and pay attention section!

The bring a glove and pay attention section!

View from the Hot Corner

View from the Hot Corner

The other new seating area is unique with a good view of the field.  Someone mentioned the main reason for adding this section was to hopefully have more seating options available on game day for those who don’t wish to purchase GA tickets. Which brings me back to the “Porking” Deck option…

Strips of Bacon

Strips of Bacon

As always it was another fine event from the IronPigs and it was nice to chat with the returning staff. Just after entering the Park I noticed none other than Uncle Marty walking next to me so I was sure to ask him if he’s ready. He said “Ready for warmer weather”. It’s always great to see Uncle Marty at the park and you just kind of feel he belongs there. Morris, who as always was busy on his walkie took some time to talk about the upcoming season and his and Lindsey’s recent trip to Japan.  I can’t wait to see what Morris has up his sleeve this summer for the on field entertainment. 

Of course no trip would be complete without a stop to the Majestic Clubhouse Store where there are lots of new goodies and lots of new faces with Adam Fondl leading the charge.  Was fortunate to meet  first year intern Kyle. The IronPigs sure can find the good ones as the young man was professional and genuinely happy to meet some of us “regulars”. He asked us to stop by during the season and we certainly will.

Another National Pig Day in the books and as always it serves as a harbinger for Spring time at Coca-Cola Park.

Anticipation Dishing

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  1. Now why did I think the chef’s last name was Bishop?

    Jerry Bishop was, I think, a former voiceover announcer originally from Chicago.

    Sorry about that, JD.

  2. Nice pics. A few questions if anyone knows:
    (1) Will those hot corner seats be behind the tarp? I assume if the answer is yes that the tarp will be low enough that it won’t obstruct your view. I remember being at a Phillies game as a child in old Connie Mack Stadium and having to stand the entire game because we were in row 1, right behind the tarp and I couldn’t see over the top.
    (2) Has there been an official announcement of when season ticketholders can pick up their tickets?
    (3) How long will it take for someone in the Bacon Strip seats to autograph the giant Martin Guitar? I think those are going to become popular seats. It’s not like I imagined it would be, it’s much better.

    • Hey Decal!
      (1) I asked (myself, maybe DiPro) the same question about the tarp. I think the seats before the bend–nearest home plate–will be behind the tarp, where after the bend–farthest from the plate–will not. I bought tix for two games there, and both times took “after the bend” for that reason. I assume that the chairs will be high enough as they’ve got to be high enough to see over the drink rail anyway. My other strategy for it was that if any players come over and the kiddos want autographs it would be better to not be obscured by the tarp. Then there’s the matter of the Ballgirl….I’m expecting she’ll be able to protect me from the foul balls given here required softball skillz.
      (2) Buried in the email about the pre-sale of single game tickets for season ticket holders was the mention that season tickets would be available for pickup after 10AM on Tuesday March 5. Since then, I talked to a friend who said that he got an email saying he could pick up his tickets (18-game plan) on Monday March 11 (I received no such email myself). So PERHAPS it’s full-season starting on Tuesday, and smaller plans the following Monday. Stay tuned.
      (3) I’m not sure I care for the Bacon Strip. If I may ask, what was better about it?

      • Hey Decal and Kram,

        Good question about the tarp – I asked Kurt the same question and the answer was the tarp will be at first base!

        Oh and I told both Ron R and Kurt that I thought the ballgirls would save us from certain doom. They both got a kick out of it – thanks Kram. 🙂

      • Kram, don’t know why but I was imagining the bacon strip like bleachers at a high school sporting event. That’s why I said it was better than I imagined. I do like the view from there. I think the best tarp remedy is to take it away and don’t let it rain.

        • Yeah, I mean, they have sprinklers, so we’d be OK with no rain in the vicinity of The Coke. Perhaps if we can just schedule rain between 12AM and 4AM….

          I’m not a big fan of the outfield. I like hanging out in that neighborhood, but I just don’t see well (insert irony joke here). It says the first row will be “stools.” I wonder how comfortable they will be? Bottom line on the Bacon Strip (as well as the Hot Corner) is that the IronPigs are increasing their fixed seating and maximizing their usable space. From a supply/demand standpoint, it’s very smart. As I’ve written previously, I’ve had the opportunity to “host” friends and relatives for an evening at the park, and had them decline if I couldn’t guarantee a fixed seat. This will help with that. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to host a larger group (>20) where we couldn’t find an open date with enough group seats. This will alleviate that, as well.

          I’m looking forward to seeing how the “in seat” service works in the Hot Corner. And I don’t want to cost myself money with this next idea, but: The IronPigs could rip out a section behind home plate–say 112 or 208–and put in bigger, wider, more comfortable seats with drink rails. Include in-seat service. Include Club access (if it’s 112). Call it the “Lodge” section. Get a sponsor. Then sell the seats for double–say $25-$35. I’d have to do the math (cost of installation (first year)+cost of service+net loss of seats vs. sponsor $+higher ticket price+increase food/beverage sales+sell the old seats to rabid fans (first year)) but I bet it comes out ahead for them. They should consider this when they have a wait list for the club level and/or the suites. Just one more idea from “Kram’s Free IronPigs Advice” department.

  3. Speaking of harbingers …

    Is this giant guitar to be interpreted as direct signal from the Baseball Gods indicating that the IronPigs are finally ready to rock (i.e., win an International League championship) … oder was?


  4. “sing the blues” … Shazam! … Didn’t think of that possibility. Furthermore, it is well-known fact it is never wise to get on the bad side of the Baseball Gods. Thus, I recommend a pre-emptive sacrificial ceremony in order to curry favor. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees shirts would probably do the job very nicely … 🙂

    • I was invited to one of their construction tours; I was going to toss a foam victory pig or an Arby’s coupon in there. Alas, something came up and I did not go. Would have made a great story, though.

      Just like how I was going to dress as a frog and go to the Trolley Frog announcement…. 😉

      • Ah, yes. The Trolley Frogs. Doesn’t translate so well, if only in my opinion … Is that true, the SWB Yankees have changed to the “Tri-State Trolley Frogs” in order to broaden their appeal to potential cash-paying customers from New York and New Jersey?

  5. Perhaps a stupid question … If the capacity of Coca-Cola Park is 10,000 spectators per game and the IronPigs are increasing the number of “fixed seats” at the stadium this season, does this mean that the number of “standing room only” tickets available per game will be decreased? … (I do remember that historical contest with the Philadelphia Phillies had more than 10,000 people in attendance)

    • Yeah, when they added the Tiki Terrace last year they increased the “capacity” to 10,100. Kurt said in the press release that the capacity will stay the same and the extra seats will come out of the GA allotment. Bad for GA lovers but good for people who like chairs. Besides, you can’t stand behind that Bacon Strip anyway, now, because there’s a giant guitar blocking your view. I was concerned back when I “broke” this news, that the capacity would be increased and I wouldn’t be able to find a parking spot.

      You are correct though; they have gone “over” the “capacity” attendance on occasion *cough* Utley *cough*–but I don’t imagine they’ll make a habit of it.

      • As Kram mentioned I sorta doubt too many folks will be turned away because of a capacity crowd. In fact, I’m curious if that has every happened – I suppose it has on occasion…

        • I’ve seen the sign “SOLD OUT” at the entrances to the porking lot many times. I would postulate that some of those “over sold” dates have to do with the actual number of tickets issued for the party porches and suites, as well as media, family, and other hangers-on. You can really tell by how many cars are there, you know?

      • Great stuff … I forgot the the official capacity at the Park bumped up to 10,100 after the arrival of the Tiki Terrace … I suppose, at the end of the day, it’s the local fire marshal who decides once and for all what the maximum capacity at Coca-Cola is and/or will be

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