IronPigs Season Ticket Stuff

Just a short note for the fellow Season Ticket holders out there.  I know the IronPigs communication with Season Ticket holders faltered a bit at times last year, so I’ll help out here:


1. Pre-Sale Opportunity:

One of the benefits of being a season ticket holder is access to single-game tickets before the general public.  As I’ve mentioned before, I often take advantage of this in order to have extra seats for when I know I will have guests in town over the summer–as well as to set up mini-group outings that are smaller than the 20 seats needed for a conventional “group.”  The pre-sale starts this Friday morning.  Season ticket holders should watch email for the link and code necessary to purchase tickets.  My experience is that ticket reps do not have any extra “pull,” but can help if you’re having trouble navigating the system.


2. Season Ticket Package Pick-Up

Season ticket packages will be available for pick-up starting Tuesday, March 5 at 9AM.  This is usually  when I have my extra tickets printed as well.


3. Think you might want season tickets?  Now’s the time, if you’re on the edge.  Give a call to the ticket team before the single-game tickets start eating into the season ticket plan availability.


4.  Other non-season ticket odds and ends:

  • They’ve extended the deadline until February 28 if you’d like to become a ball girl.  Alas, I still lack the softball experience necessary.  I wonder if this means they haven’t had enough applicants?  There might be more interest over the summer when folks see them in action.  My advice:  no deadline.  Take rolling applicants for now.
  • There are some new additions to the media and broadcast teams for the IronPigs.  Check out the bios on the IronPigs’ web site when you have a chance.
  • Friday night is the Phantoms/Penguins game at the Wells Fargo in Philly.  I’ll be going; and I’ll report back here.  I hear the Phantoms have some kind of announcement tomorrow morning, too.  Stay tuned.

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