2013 Phillies Winter Banquet

 Thursday evening, the NoiseNation represented at the 2013 Phillies Winter Banquet to support IronPigs Charities at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem.  There were bells (OK, A bell) and an auction and some time to hob knob with the VIPs.  Here are some highlights:

(It’s worth stating, right here at the top, that all photos and video were provided by Cheryl Pursell { @CherylPursell }.  They are excellent and I hope I can display them here properly.  The pictures and video below will tell you much more about the evening than I ever could by typing.  I showed up with an iPhone and a FlipHD camera which was woefully inadequate given our seating.  Perhaps next year we all need to pitch in to pay for Cheryl’s ticket…)


The Stage at the Front of the Sands Center
Photo by @CherylPursell

DiPro got there early and cleaned out the casino.  Dan provided the Kenny Rogers’ (Know when to walk away…) advice to get DiPro to the banquet on time.  As per usual, the NoiseNation was well represented and there early.  You’d have thought they were giving away bobbleheads or something (they weren’t).

We entered at the side of the Visions Bar to see a giant Championship Jersey:

Photo by @CherylPursell

Photo by @CherylPursell

DiPro, with his new-found wealth, inquired about bidding on the large jersey.  I then wondered if we could sneak a bunch of fans into the IronPigs games Trojan Horse-style…

We walked up the stairs to the VIP area.  The first person I saw was Charlie Manuel just standing at a pub table by himself.  Of course, I couldn’t think of anything cool or witty to say quickly enough, and he was gone by the time we visited the open bar at the far side of the room. 

The young ones (and DiPro) got pictures with some of the VIPs (Kevin Frandsen, Dave Brundage, Charlie Manuel, and Erik Kratz.  Reuben Amaro Jr. joined in later.)  They whisked us in and out of the photo room pretty quickly; it had been made clear ahead of time that we were not supposed to ask for autographs during the picture sessions.  The photo holder they gave us did have a spot for autographs.  I suppose had we stayed later in the evening there was opportunity at the end.

It got crowded in the VIP are quickly.  The hors d’oeuvres were good and plentiful, and sodas and drinks were complimentary.  Matt Provence and Jon Schaffer were around, as well as some media members and some of the front office guys from the Phillies who were in attendance.  The local ESPN radio guys were doing a broadcast:

Photo courtesy @CherylPursell

Charlie with the radio guys.
Photo courtesy @CherylPursell

We made our way to our table downstairs, and soon Matt Provence was urging the same for the 1,100 in attendance.  This took some time, but we made the best of it while the kiddos planned on how to attack the cupcakes, which were already on the table:

Phanatic CupcakePhoto: @CherylPursell

Phanatic Cupcake
Photo: @CherylPursell

There was a video about IronPigs Charities, and some salad, then Chicken for 1,100.  The food was probably the low-light of the evening.  I was not disappointed because I really had no expectations:  I knew they wouldn’t have super dinner for 1,100 people.  With that in mind, though, they should have been able to serve it more quickly.

Then, the introductions, and the program.  It was great to hear Tim Chorones’ voice again, you know?  The remainder of the pictures, and the videos of the program, follow:

Frandsen with Amaro     Photo: @CherylPursell

Frandsen with Amaro Photo: @CherylPursell

Frandsen, Amaro, and Manuel  (@CherylPursell)

Frandsen, Amaro, and Manuel (@CherylPursell)

Kratz Frandsen Amaro

Kratz Frandsen Amaro (Photo: @CherylPursell)

Kevin Frandsen looks on as Kurt Landes presents the IronPigs Charities' Awards (@CherylPursell)

Kevin Frandsen looks on as Kurt Landes presents the IronPigs Charities’ Awards (@CherylPursell)

Dave Brundage Speaks (photo: @CherylPursell)

Dave Brundage Speaks (photo: @CherylPursell)

We're Gonna Like the New Skipper...(@CherylPursell)

We’re Gonna Like the New Skipper…

Charlie SigningPhoto Courtesy: @CherylPursell

Charlie Signing
Photo Courtesy: @CherylPursell


PS:  Thanks again, Cheryl

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    • I didn’t get to try the appetizers at the visions bar, but the snacks upstairs were good and plentiful, so I don’t think anyone starved to death. But, we did let the kiddos have a go at the cupcakes before dinner (hey, it was a special night). Even so, they were DONE with their (cold) chicken fingers and (cold) mac and cheese 20 mins before our (cold) chicken even arrived at the table.

      But on a much better note, we stopped in for 20 pretzels the other day. We were lucky enough to get them fresh from the oven and they were SOOOO good. Son and I had six of them gone before we even got home and opened the butter creme. I don’t suppose there’s a way to make them fresh at the games, is there? Perhaps a light up sign for “hot pretzels” like at krispy kreme? Just thinking out loud…

  2. DiPro… CALL ME…


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