Piggy Nation Comes to the Noise Nation!

Need a laugh or some humor during the off season? Piggy Nation has offered to share their comic strip with us! Stay tuned for the first one coming soon!

From the Piggy Nation:


Los Angeles Man Takes On Piggy Behavior

Richard Rosser is on a mission to rid the world of piggy behavior. After a man stole a parking space from his mother-in-law, Rosser decided…

No more dogs pooping on neighbors’ lawns!

No more drivers parking in two spaces!

No more yelling on cell phones!

Having worked on children’s programs for Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel, Rosser considered a children’s book the natural outlet for his frustration with piggy behavior. Teaming up with illustrator Shane Sowell (The Simpsons, King of the Hill), the two created Piggy Nation: A Day At Work With Dad, an award winning children’s book that focuses on piggy behavior in an amusing update of the Golden Rule. The main character is a piglet named Sammy who joins his dad on Piggy Patrol. As they search the town for piggies, Sammy learns about rude behavior!

After the book was published, Rosser began performing school assemblies (seen by 7000 students to date). The kids responded so positively that Rosser adapted the story into a full-length musical. With composer Alec Wells (theoutsidejoke.com), the two crafted a show richly layered with Rock, Blues, Rap and Gospel influences. Piggy Nation The Musical premiered at The Pierson Playhouse in Pacific Palisades, California and is available through Steele Spring Theatrical Licensing.

Building on the concept of Piggy Behavior, Rosser and Sowell developed Piggy Nation the comic strip, which runs each Sunday in The Sunday Oklahoman and online at uskidsmags.com which publishes Jack & Jill and Humpty Dumpty.

School assemblies have led to writing workshops, which spawned a chapter book, Piggy Nation: Let’s Go Camping. In addition, Rosser has created educational programs including The Piggy Tales Story Bee which he recently transformed into a storytelling game, Piggy Tales Story Cards.

Contact Piggy Nation for more information about School Assemblies,
Piggy Nation The Musical or Piggy Tales Story Bees



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  1. When do the piggynation comics start? Are you going to put them up here?

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