Kram’s 2013 IronPig (read: New Year) Resolutions

As you know, I’ve got no problem telling the IronPigs what I think they ought to do.  However, now it’s time for me to take a look in the mirror and decide what I need to do to become a better fan–for myself, and the team.

In 2013, I, Kram, resolve to:

  1. Put the IronPigs license plate back on my car before the Phillies Banquet.

I’ve never been to the Phillies Banquet, which I guess used to be called the “Phillies Caravan.”  But, we’re going this year.  The whole crew.  Plus, dignitaries from the Noise Nation as well.  Look for our report some time after January 24.  I’m looking forward to seeing Kratzie and Frannie, and meeting and welcoming our new manager.

    2.     Try not to get caught up in the jersey bidding on my phone.

I never got into the table blocking and pen stealing (you know who you are!) of the previous charity jersey auctions, but last year I found it very compelling to constantly check the prices and put in bids.  I “won” two of them.  It can get expensive, though.  Since I’ve already got two, I’ll try to sit these out the best I can for the good of my wallet.

     3.      Spend a game in the Bacon Strip, the Hot Corner, the Tiki Terrace, and just maybe, a Dugout Suite.

I love my regular seats, but it is nice to take in a game from another section.  It gives another perspective of the game and the park.  Last year I sat in 115 twice, 112 once, and 104 once.  I also spent a game with a GA ticket, mostly standing in the area of 106.  I never got to the Tiki last year other than to walk through.  I’ll make a better effort this year to enjoy the park from other locations.

     4.      Try not to buy any more hats–unless they’re really cool. 

This backfired on me a bit in the playoffs.  Others in my crew bought nice Reading hats on our trip down there and I passed because “I’ve already got enough hats.”  Now, they’re gone because of the name change and I’m having regrets.  I should have purchased one when I had the chance.  But, still, I’ve got too many hats…

     5.     Save some of the swag for the holidays.

I was thinking last month it would have been nice to have saved some of the stuff I got to give away for Christmas.  Alas, I either already gave it away, or opened it and used it, or let the kids “consume” it…  Remind me to stash some of this stuff for the holidays.

     6.      Tailgate more often.

The tailgates need not be big fancy endeavors, but a chance to relax and get a sandwich and a soda before the game will add to the “relaxation factor” of attending as many games as I do.  Plus, it could save me some cash.

      7.     Buy less food and drink at the park.

The IronPigs will be OK without any more of my money.  Plus, “Pigs Fly” will be a reminder that I need to follow my diet, and not “Pig Out” or “Go Hog Wild.”  😉

     8.     Record more podcasts.

DiPro and I did one last year, and I thought it came out pretty good.  If we can do a few more, then perhaps it will be time to expand the guest list:  There are plenty knowledgable and interesting IronPigs fans out there.  The following folks should get ready for an invite this season:  Dan, JimmyT, Jared, Cheryl, Jim, Eric, Joe, Decal, and others!

     9.     Support the radio show better.

I should listen to the radio post-game even when we lose.  My habit is to turn on the radio only following a win.  Also, I should call in more often, and bring my portable to the park more often.

     10.     Try to get to the park on time.

I admit I was a lazy fan last year, often arriving at the park late.  And, it’s not because I stopped to eat on the way, either.  If I’m on time I’ll have more choices for dinner.  I’ve already found a new route from my office to the park which should get me there faster once you factor in traffic.  Plus, there’s more chance to tailgate! (see also, #6 and #7).

     11.     Attempt to subscribe to TV2 for HD IronPigs, pre-game, and for when I’m not at the park.

I’ve already got DirecTV, so I’m not excited about spending a lot more money.  However, the MiLB thing just didn’t do it for me last season.  Sure, TV2 won’t get me the away games, but it will get me some Reading games.  And, HD.  It’s beyond me how anyone can watch anything that’s not in HD. 

So there it is.  What are YOU going to do differently this year?

Twitter:  @Kram209

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