Found a Magic Lamp – Rubbed It – Made IronPigs Wishes

So – like – ya I recently found this old lamp at an abandoned garage sale which was kind of weird.

Anyway once I got it home and started polishing it POOF to my surprise out popped a genie.

True story…

Further weirdness ensued when the genie revealed himself to be Diggity’s twin brother. However, this dog wore his mustard on the opposite side…

In a shocked tone I yelled “Diggity – you’re moonlighting as a genie? No money cheating at Pork Races?”  The genie replied angrily, “If you want these wishes don’t ever call me by that wiener’s name! My name is Doggity – that knucklehead’s my cousin – twice fried!”

I figured I better start wishin’ before Doggity went missin’.

So I said “Hey Diggity… Doggity… Genie Wienie whatever your name is… How about some really cool seats and concessions and ‘facilities’ and premium seating in the outfield all in a scaled down version of Wrigley Field’s ‘rooftops’?” Twas my first wish…

Somethin’ like that there

I muttered… construct it somewhere over or near the “batters eye” and name it Thompson Alley. The Noise Nation Bleachers would also be acceptable. The Genie scoffed…

For the next wish and I even showed him a pic so he wouldn’t muck it up – a fancy new LCD video scoreboard.

Full LCD Scoreboard – Daktronics!

To go with that Mr. Doggity genie a “ribbon board” all the way around the concourse.

Tie a Video Ribbon ’round the old concourse

Since we’re redecorating how ’bout throwing in a couple outfield video walls there genie.

Try to change the Lottery numbers on that!

I spoke quickly as the Genie started to fade – “Genie how about some new home uniforms and an Italian food vendor and Yocco’s and a swimming pool and no parking (unintelligible) ……. POOF he was gone…

I Dream of Dishing

(P.S. –  have another lamp – haven’t rubbed it – yet…)

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2 replies

  1. “Try to change the Lottery numbers on that!”

    Hey DiPro, check the bottom of that Lamp. Is it made by the “Landes” lamp company? No? Domino? No? Finley and Stein? No?

    Then you better wish for stable ticket prices with that next lamp because those wishes are gonna cost some coin. We’re REALLY gonna need those lottery numbers now…

  2. LOVE this….

    My wish? Some food stands with HEALTHIER choices. Like, salads, wraps, etc. How the heck am I supposed to keep to any kind of um, “diet” after the season starts? Sheesh! Not that I don’t L-O-V-E the loaded fries and all…but my waistline doesn’t…

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