Lehigh Valley Loves Varvara!

It’s that time of the year where us Lehigh Valley sports fans sigh, think about the past summer, think about the upcoming spring, then sigh again. That seemingly endless period of downtown for Lehigh Valley professional sports. The IronPigs season is long over. The Rollergirls wrapped up their season recently. The Steelhawk’s 2013 season is still months away. Some turn to the NFL, but if you’re an Eagles fan you may as well feel the same about this year’s Eagle squad. Those long winter days where even hockey draws interest… but no hockey either.

But then, something catches your eye and you realize there’s a gem of an athlete touring the world who resides in our very own Lehigh Valley!

Currently ranked #21 in the world, the Lehigh Valley’s own Varvara Lepchenko has competed in the 2012 Olympics, the Austrailian Open, French Open and Wimbleton to name a few.

Photo from the Varava Lepchenko Fan Page on Facebook.

The Horn & Bell was recently able to get in touch with Varvara for the Noise Nation’s Inaugural edition of 10 Questions to Get to Know You.

1.When did you first start playing tennis and how did you decide this was your life’s path?

I started when i was 7. My dad got into it, I had a lot of energy and he was worried I would hurt myself ,so he decided to bring in to this sport cause it was passion of his and he also played so he started me there.

2.You recently broke into the Top 20 rankings, how does that feel?

It feels great and it just proves again and again that hard work is always paying off.

3.Describe to us your favorite moment of the Olympics.

Walking at the opening ceremony was one of the greatest moments and hanging out with all the athletes at the village.

4.How many tournaments have you played in this year?

I played in 26 tournaments this year

5.Tell us about your best moment in Tennis all time.

My best moment is yet to come.

6.Tell us about your funniest moment in Tennis.

It was in 2010 at the French Open one of the players took my bag instead of theirs and it was an evening before my match. I panicked and was looking for it all over the place. But then he found me and gave it back.

7.How did you choose the Lehigh Valley as a place to move to?

Just like the weather and the outdoors there.

8.What are your favorite places, things to do for fun in the Lehigh Valley?

I like going to Beltzville lake and just chill out and swim. Lehigh mall is nice place to shop.

9.Do you have or would like any pets?

I adopted kitten from Pets mart near Lehigh mall.

10.Do you enjoy any other sports?

I like different sports,but with my schedule it’s tough to follow them. I like soccer, American football and basketball.

Her best moment is yet to come! I love that! I was able to see Varvara in action during the US Open this season and she is a true example of how hard work and effort pay off!

I also found some great video footage on youtube:

The Noise Nation will be keeping up with her career and cheering her on as loudly as we can. (I’m not sure of Noise and cheering rules for Tennis yet) 🙂

Good Luck Varvara! The Lehigh Valley loves you!!

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