IronPigs Win Award, Celebrate by Adding More Seats

First of all, congratulations to our IronPigs organization on winning the 2012 Triple-A Freitas Award for sustained excellence.  This was the first year of eligibility for the ‘Pigs as a team needs to be in operation for at least five years.  Here’s more from BaseballAmerica:

“The Freitas Awards, named after longtime minor league baseball ambassador  Bob Freitas, are awarded to honor minor league baseball clubs that show sustained excellence in the business of minor league baseball. Franchises must have been in operation for five seasons before they’re eligible to win.”

Yes, it’s a business award–not a baseball award.  But it’s nice recognition for the effort that the local organization puts in.  And, it should serve as a reminder that we may see other minor league teams emulating some of the things that have been done here in the Lehigh Valley. 

Deeper in the article, though, I noted the following passage:

“The group-seating areas are certainly the hottest tickets in town. Landes said the team  sold out all of its suites and group-seating options before the start of the 2012 season and has already sold about 75 percent of those seats for 2013. In fact, the ballpark has been such a hit that the team is increasing its capacity with an additional 1,000 fixed seats, bringing the total to 9,200. Some of these will be in a new tabletop area called the Bacon Strip overlooking the bullpen—which in Lehigh Valley, of course, is called the Pig Pen.

“We try to take every available spot in the ballpark and be creative with it,” Landes said.”

Now, that sounds suspiciously like the Red Robin Tiki Terrace.  But, I don’t remember it called the Bacon Strip at all.  Could there be more seats in 2013?  Will we start to see construction at Coca Cola Park once again soon?

I’m not sure, but in 2012, it’s not about being right, it’s about being first.  So there you have it.  There might be more seats in 2013.  I offer the following suggestions:

1. To the IronPigs:  Build more parking Porking Spaces.  Seriously.  It got a little tight at times last year.

2. To the fans (NoiseNation): Don’t be cavalier about arriving at the park.  I’m guilty here, as I was often “fashionably” late last year.  That’s when the parking’s the toughest.  Get there a little early if need be. 

More on parking strategies later if it turns out this news item is correct.

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2 replies

  1. So more information became available in the online version of this morning’s newspaper: New seating will be constructed, but capacity will remain the same: 10,100. What does this mean?

    1. It means that my concerns about parking are static. Parking can still be problematic, but it won’t get worse.
    2. More seating is probably more table seating like the ones over the bullpen now. They have the wait service and command a premium price, so it makes the most sense. SWB is putting a bunch of those in their (smaller) club level.
    3. Same capacity means fewer General Admission tickets available. I know that won’t be popular with the folks who love the lawn or the trough or the price. But, I can tell you that I’ve tried to get folks to come to a game who wouldn’t THINK of coming if they don’t have an assigned seat.
    Foolish, but true. For myself, in fact, on occasions when I’ve had field level tickets, if my seat is 101-105 or 117-120 I won’t even go to my seat. I’d much rather find a cool spot to stand at a drink rail or whatnot.


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