What’s Going On Up North

For now, they’re still called the Yankees.  It’s only a matter of time before they’re the Trolley Frogs.  The franchise hasn’t always done a great job with promotions, IMHO, but here’s what they’ve got on tap for next season on a nightly basis.  They’ll add specific promotions later, but this is what they’re up to.  Some of this looks pretty familiar, and that’s part of why I found it interesting:


$1 hot dog Mondays.  I take this to mean that all hot dogs, all game, on Monday, $1.  Nice.


“2 For Tuesday” is buy-one-get-one for lawn tickets.  Also, Nice.


“Kids Eat Free”  12 and under get a coupon at the gate for a free kids meal.  Once again, nice!


“Thirsty Thursday” will yield $1 beer and $1 Pepsi.  It’s not clear if it will be only pre-game or throughout, or perhaps only until a certain inning (it was through the first period for the WB-S Penguins when I went).  Also, a live band pre-game. 


Pre-game block party with live music.  (not specified what this means, exactly) And post-game fireworks “most incredible professional fireworks..”   No word on if the local hotels will be sponsoring any of these…  😉


“special giveaway” and a live band before the game. 


Family FUNday, with player autographs and clowns.  Also, kids run the bases post-game.  No word on whether the clowns will sign autographs, or if any of the players will be clowns. (kidding) 

So it’s great that our close-by rivals will be doing a better job with promotions compared with previous years.  If you’ve got a band within driving distance of Moosic, you might want to send in a demo–looks like they’ll be hiring a bunch of them this season. 

And a reminder, if you’ve got any ideas for the IronPigs, please add them in the comments to the previous post.  As you can see, decisions that are made now, by the organization, will impact some of the activities at the park next season. 

Up next in Kram’s Korner:  “Inside Information” about the arena (will post when time and circumstances permit)

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  1. Has there *ever* been a sports team that sells beer to everybody *all* game? It’s gotta get cut off sometime! (Don’t count special areas such as Red Robin® Tiki Terrace)

  2. No, no, of course I didn’t mean the WHOLE game, but at least INTO the game–as opposed to having only from 5-6 as a happy hour or whatever.

    Sometime in the first month of the season, back in 2009, when I first became a season ticket holder in the club level, there was an extra-inning game. As I settled in to enjoy the extras, I noted a guy from my section returning with a beer in both hands. Shocking. That’s when I realized that the club bar stays open throughout the whole game. I rarely take advantage of it, though, as I’m usually driving.

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