Gosewisch – Goes-uh-Salami – Pigs win 5-4

On Fefe bobble head/arm giveaway night, the IronPigs got their 6th victory  winning 5 of those 6 by a single run.

It just doesn’t matter

Syracuse first baseman Tyler Moore continues to rock ‘Pigs pitching with his 3rd home run in two nights.

Freeze Gopher! ~~Carl Spackler - No gophers on Bill Butler's beautifully landscaped field.

It just doesn’t matter when in the bottom of the 4th IronPigs catcher Tuffy Gosewisch hits only the 3rd Grand Salami at Coca-Cola Park and that’s all the ‘Pigs would need. The other two were of course by Andy Tracy now the Manager for the Crosscutters in Williamsport (Class A Short-Season).

It just doesn’t matter when the combination of Raul Valdes and Phillippe Aumont go 3 up 3 down in the 7th, 8th, and 9th with 6 (of 9) being strike outs.

It just doesn’t matter when “The Star” Bryce Harper has an o’fer.

In fact, at this point what does really matter? Other than LHV is 6-2, off to their best start ever and along with the Columbus Clippers have the best record in the IL!

The Box

The Voice

Click below for the Matt Provence IronPigs Radio Recap of the Game.

That should be all you need to know – so please enjoy the pretty pictures and we’ll try to do it all again tomorrow!

A huge thanks to Cheryl Pursell for her amazing photo contributions!

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Gosewisch Goes Salami! But where's the bat?


Tuffy - Forget about it! (Photo courtesy of Cheryl Pursell)

Four score and eight hours ago our Tuffy brought forth in this Park, a Grand Slam! (Photo courtesy of Cheryl Pursell)

Take away the two dings by Tyler Moore and Misch pitched 5 strong innings (Photo courtesy of Cheryl Pursell)

Bryce Harper looks to Jobu

Bats, they are sick... I ask Jobu to come, take fear from bats. I offer him cigar, rum. He will come. ~~Pedro Cerano (Photo courtesy of Cheryl Pursell)

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper - CUT ON AND MISSED

Richie T delivers Roses to some lucky attendees of Ladies Night at Coca-Cola Park (Photo courtesy of Cheryl Pursell)


DiPro’s Dish

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4 replies

  1. It was a great, great night in Kram-land: (or, “Superstitious Much?”)

    1. Earlier in the day, I changed my Twitter avatar to help Kevin Frandsen get off the schnide. A French flag for “Viva-Le-Frandsen.” He subsequently goes two-for-four and makes a great slide/effort to score a run.

    2. I decided to wear a fourth hat in four home games because the team is undefeated at home. Ultimately, we win.

    3. I left my seat to fetch a beverage, and came back to find that Matt had caught a T-Shirt from the launch. He had to range to the concourse to get it, but that’s in his nature.

    4. Tuffy hits the big one. I was present for only one of Andy’s. This was great. Place went nuts.

    5. I caught a Rich Thompson foul ball. Out of the air. With one hand. And didn’t spill my coffee.

    I’m ready-ing another hat for tonight. Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty. But, if it comes to it, I’ll buy more. I’ve given my tickets away for Saturday night. If that’s the first home loss, don’t expect me to miss many more games. The Twitter avi stays until Frandsen has an 0-fer.


    • My avatar photo is from one of those Andy Tracy grand slams. July 5, 2010. Runners on base were Ozzie Chavez, Chris Duffy and Domonic Brown. Brown was also on base last night when Tuffy hit his. I doubt he was around for Tracy’s other slam to make it 3 for 3. Don’t know the date of that one.

  2. And you got here on the “Dish”!! Great night last night! I think we made a friend of Pigs Right Fielder Derrick Mitchell as I shouted out to him and he acknowledged. I also told him “no bells tonight our main man, Dan, couldn’t make it”. He then smiled turned around and threw out his arms like “oh man!” I told him Jimmy T (insert “T” sign here) was here! and I can see a smile coming from him. He’s agreat guy too!! Richie T (insert “T” sign here) did make it in the game late replacing Mitchell and of course I gave him the ususal greeting and he gave me the usual acknowledgment. Isn’t being in 1st place great!?!?!

    Oink, Screech, and Roll On!

    • I know it’s still early but it looks to me like Derrick Mitchell is a pretty darn good defensive outfielder. Hopefully as the weather gets warmer he’ll show some of that power he displayed in Reading last year when he hit 19 homers and stole 20 bases.

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