Stadium Journey’s Top 100 of 2011

Stadium Journey, the online and print publication has released their Top 100 sporting venues of 2011 after considering 754 stadiums across the US.

Ranked #48 in the U.S. (click)

Parkview Field home of the Fort Wayne (Indiana) TinCaps was ranked as the #1 ballpark in all Minor League Baseball and our own Coca-Cola Park came in at 6th out of 10 on the Minor League list and 48th out of the overall top 100!

CCP finished just behind The Rose Bowl (46th) and outranked Heinz Field (60th), Citizens Bank Park (64th), and Yankee Stadium (79th)  as well.

The top 3 overall are:  Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis Colts), Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers), and Bryant-Denny Stadium (Alabama Crimson Tide).

Here is the list of Stadium Journey’s Top 10 Minor League Baseball venues
(click links for pictures and info)

  1. Parkview Field – Fort Wayne TinCaps – Fort Wayne, Indiana
  2. Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium – Montgomery Biscuits – Montgomery, Alabama
  3. BB&T Coastal Field – Myrtle Beach Pelicans – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  4. MCU Park – Brooklyn Cyclones – Brooklyn, New York
  5. Daniel S. Frawley Stadium – Wilmington Blue Rocks – Wilmington, Delaware
  6. Coca-Cola Park – Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs – Lehigh Valley, PA
  7. The Epicenter – Rancho Cucamonga Quakes – Rancho Cucamonga, California
  8. Arrowhead Credit Union Park – Inland Empire 66ers – San Bernadino, California
  9. Fifth Third Field – Dayton Dragons – Dayton, Ohio
  10. Appalachian Power Park – West Virginia Power – Charleston, West Virginia

While the top 5 appear to be acceptable venues with Parkview Field closest in design to CCP, I can’t see why the other 4 are ranked above Coca-Cola Park other than their downtown surroundings (Coney Island) or closeness to the beach*.

*Since I haven’t had the opportunity to personally visit any of the top 5, my (somewhat biased) opinion is confined to only pictures of those venues. Honestly though, BB&T Coastal Field resembles PNC Field before they started demolition!

Regardless of all that…

Congratulations to Coca-Cola Park for breaking the top 50 in Stadium Journey’s top 100 venues of 2011 across the entire U.S. in all sports both amateur and professional!

Go Pigs!

DiPro’s Dish

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6 replies

  1. If you check out their review of CCP they also make mention of our friends at Philly Pretzel, Aw Shucks and the Gyro Company!

  2. Proving yet again that we are the luckiest Minor League Baseball fans in the United States. Not only do we have the Philadelphia Phillies’ top minor league team, we also have one of the most beautiful ballparks in the country. Oink!

  3. Looking at the review, I am kind of insulted that fans were only rated 4 out of 5 stars. Leading all of the minor leagues in attendance didn’t come into play I suppose.

    • Well, then there’s room for improvement! 🙂 As a fan base overall, we’ve been criticized for sitting on our hands a bit–not enough into the BASEBALL part of the experience. It’s getting better, though. With a little winning, we now have something to cheer for–hopefully it will continue.

      I think we need more banners. Or, an OINK sign… 😉

    • Just because people come to the games doesn’t mean a thing in terms of a passionate fanbase.

      The Dodgers are normally top 5 in attendance year in and year out and the running joke for thirty years with them has always been about how it’s so L.A. to arrive in the 2nd inning have some food, talk on phone, play with your various electronic devices and then skip out after the 7th inning stretch.

      The thing you still fail to realize is that while YOU may be passionate, 90% of the fans that come to the Pigs games don’t give a damn about what goes on with the actual game.

      They don’t know the inning, count, score, opposing team, or maybe even what sport is being played and that’s partially the fault of the Pigs organization for focusing on the ADD inducing amount of music, ads, between innings-batter-pitch “hi-jinks” that go on instead of what is actually going on with the BASEBALL GAME.

      Who cares if the Pigs won or lost as long as they shot some eight cent T-Shirt close to me and I could guess the winner of the pork race all while stuffing myself silly with overpriced Sysco quality food.

      If anything giving the fans four out of five should be offensive because of how generous it is. More like a three or a two out of five in reality.

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