New Addition to Coca Cola Park in 2012!

A press announcement went out Friday with:

“The Lehigh Valley IronPigs will be holding a press conference on Tuesday, Oct. 25, at 2:00 p.m. at Coca-Cola Park to issue a significant announcement regarding their home facility.”

Our minds started spinning wondering what this announcement will be… Can we wait until Tuesday to find out?

Thanks to DiPro… we might not have to!

To save any dramatics… here is what we got.

From the Modular Product Blog there is a plan to build a Tiki Bar around the bullpens in Left field at Coca Cola Park.

Images included from the source:

A rough sketch of the project

The Tiki Bar appears to wrap around and connect to the existing picnic area.

View from the field

View from the Kid Zone area

View from Kram's Korner, the club level

So, perhaps we are gaining another outfield bar, a few more what I expect could be “premium” seats and an area to heckle opposing pitchers in the bullpens. Not bad, really.

That space has been open and relatively unused for the first four years of IronPig’s baseball. A great use of space in our opinion. Might lose the golf game and speed pitch – perhaps they will be relocated.

The overhang seating does remind me of something the R-Phils had a few years back. I had the opportunity to sit in that section once and was impressed by the view and the accessibility.

Certainly that brings about a few questions should this construction occur:

1. Will this area be first come – first serve as the current Trough deck area is?

2. If not, will the seating and tickets be available to individuals or just as a “party package” to groups? If it is groups only, hopefully the minimum will be low – 5+ seems acceptable. This would allow smaller groups to take advantage of the amenities.

3. With two bars in the outfield, will more restroom facilities be required??

4. Will security be increased in the outfield area?

5. I hope they spell Lincoln correctly. (probably just scratch drawings)

Anyway, the good news of a possible Tiki Bar behind the bullpen has me in smiles tonight.

Many, many thanks to Dipro for digging this out and…


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  1. So this could potentially eliminate the ability for kids (young and old) to peer down and watch the players in the bullpen (unless they’re allowed in the “bar” area) work unless they stand on the block the stairs on the lawn? That would be unfortunate, but it’s nice to see they don’t want to stand pat with the status quo.

  2. Reminds me of a mini version of “Harry the K’s” at Citizens Bank Park. Wonder if there will be food available, or just a bar area like the Trough…

  3. I got a 2012 Hospitality Rate Sheet last month in the mail. In it, it says “Left Field Bullepn Party Area Presented by Red Robin. It’s $37 a person, can accomodate groups between 48 and 64. It features 48 fixed stadium seats and private hospitality area with additional seating.”

    I’m wondering if this will be that.

    • At $37 a person that would be kinda pricey for something we’ve had for free for 4 years. No chance of included alcohol so the grub better be pretty good at that charge. Far beyond what you get for $25 in the picnic patio.

      • I hear you!! Plus, the picnic patio will be going up to $27 a person.

        • I was never impressed with the picnic patio food. Granted, I am particular about my bbq, but take $9 out of the $25 for the seat that leaves $16 towards food. Burgers, Hot Dogs, a piece of grilled chicken and some salads.. maybe watermelon and cookies. I had a full steak dinner with sirloin, baked potato, salad and shrimp on sunday for $11.99. Maybe if the chicken was fried chicken (forgive me for my temporary diversion from the “we need healther food” stance). I personally don’t see the value in it. For $37, I would want to see more than dried up appetizers and snack foods. I would think club level menu style buffett included would make that an occasional thing to do. I REALLY don’t like the idea of it being exclusively a group deal. Sell a single ticket and fill a seat.

          From the small minority of those who prefer General Admission, we do lose prime real estate in this deal. Ticket prices go up and we get less (from a view standpoint).

  4. Sounds more like Frenchy’s Tiki Pavilion at Bright House Field in Clearwater. From the Threshers website:
    “The Frenchy’s Tiki Pavilion is located beyond the left field wall. It features a variety of mixed drinks, beer and wine for guests 21 and over. Seats in this section are first-come, first-serve.”

  5. They’ve put a different advertiser on the part where the Ford/Lincoln dealers were, Avantor if I’m not mistaken (some of us know that’s the company that swallowed Mallinckrodt-Baker outside of Phillipsburg, NJ) The drawings may have just been around since the year the dealer group was there.
    Hey, as long as 2 Sports can still get their camera, and Doug Heater’s body, into that space by the foul pole, it’s all good.

  6. Looks like Brighthouse Field in Clearwater. Although I’ve never been there but if you watch Phillies Spring Training games, they have a Tiki Bar out in left field too. I think it’s awesome!!

  7. You see, I knew they’d get us for banging on that metal rail sooner or later…

    What’s next, a ‘no wigs’ rule?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • So now you’ve got to buy one of those tables for nine games at $60 per game for four tickets in order to bang on the rail! It’s interesting, though. $60 is what I pay for my tickets, but I don’t get wait service (yet). I wonder what you can order? Like the bar food from upstairs? Might be OK. Or do they just fetch you food and drink from the tiki area? Or can you give special requests? It’s not free, of course, but:

      “Bring me prime rib!”
      “1974 Petrus”

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