Kram’s Korner: From the Owner’s Box

All this talk about “The Yankees Are Coming! The Yankees Are Coming!” has us all thinking about how all this would work. It’s been discussed here on the boards: How would the schedule work? What about the locker rooms? What about the front office? What about the eight games against the IronPigs?

I’ve also been thinking about me: I could go to more games. If it were a nice day, I could go on a whim. If I needed to host a group, tickets would be easier. I might be able to sit in a different spot where I’ve never sat before. I might be able to rent a suite for cheap(er) and have a party with my friends. There would be baseball like, EVERY DAY! I might be able to close the gap with Dan and Jimmy T on games attended.  I could scout the Yankees’ opposing team so that when the IronPigs play that team then…..…nothing, nobody cares, but I could SAY I scouted that team.

But let’s file this column under: From the Owner’s Box. This morning I started thinking about how this would affect the IronPigs. What if I owned the IronPigs? (well, my bar tab would be lower—but I’d have to pay for rehab, so I guess it all cancels out 😉 )  I don’t think I’d be very happy about the Yankees interloping on my sweet deal. I’ve got a beautiful stadium and the best attendance in all of non-MLB baseball. I sell concessions and merchandise like crazy. We work hard, but we’re making money hand over fist. Yes, we have to pay rent, but the payoff is worth it. Plus, everyone loves me at the league meetings because we’re doing it the best. People love me locally because I have the new, quieter fireworks and I’ve promised to try to make more bobble heads next year. The IronPigs are my store, and a very profitable one at that.

Now, someone wants to move into my store. He wants to share rent, sure, and he’ll do his paper work at other offices and stay out of my way. But his product is on the same shelf next to mine. Perhaps it’s not as good, but he also might price it less. And, even though my product is “better,” once we’re in the same store, he can begin to copy me—it’s my customers who are going to be coming through the door most of the time, and he’ll learn what they like. Because I’ve worked hard to create a demand for my product, supplies are low. He has plenty of inventory. Although he’ll share the rent, and the maintenance, my beautiful store is going to take a beating with increased foot traffic, and might not look as nice and clean all the time. I’d like to be a good neighbor, but at the end of the day, I can’t help but feel that I’d rather not have company. No thank you. Go find a stadium in New Jersey.

OK, so there are probably folks here who know more about the inner-workings and economics of this potential time share than I do. I’m sure things can be worked out regarding the rent, parking, prices, ticket revenue, concessions, etc. There’s a way to make this happen so that the IronPigs don’t have to take a ‘hit’. Perhaps that’s what they’re negotiating right now. It can work: There are plenty (too many?) of Yankee fans around who will support the team locally (perhaps more than in the SWB area, really). Besides, the Yankees have unlimited money anyway, right?

What’s that you say? The Yankees want to hire me as a consultant to help with the team while they’re here?

OK, here’s an idea:

The Pinstripe Race. Three Yankees with giant foam heads (think President’s Race at Nats’ Park) race to the finish line. The Bambino, The Mick, and Joltin’ Joe. As they enter the gates in left field the PA announcer yells, “BAMBINO IN THE LEAD” but ultimately, the Bambino always stops to have a hot dog and a beer, and rarely wins. People love him, though, and cheer wildly when he finally does win. You’re welcome. I’ll let you know where to send the check.  🙂

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  1. Or maybe the Mick stops to have a beer and proposition a good-looking female fan, and always comes in last!

    • I know. I’ve got more snarky ideas: when ‘we’ play the ironpigs ferrous sets up a bar and acts as the bartender to distract the Mick. Or ( see below)

  2. From what I’ve read from Lord knows where at this point, the hold up was the scheduling. Certainly that may be smoke and mirrors for “we talkin’ money”.

    I’m still not saying I’m for or against this whole thing and Kram brings up some very valid thought provoking points. I still hang my hat on the quote where Mr. Landes states he’s open for it – there’s a benefit to the IronPigs here somewhere and agreed it’s most likely the cash!

    There may be a surprise at the end of all this – SWB Yankees ineligible to play in 2012 due to lack of field. Probably not, but the league office does not appear to be pleased at this point.

    • Kurt’s a young guy, and his career is mostly in front of him. It would not be to his advantage to come out publicly AGAINST this move, because if it should happen, he’d then have to backtrack. Just like any of the players or coaches (different bosses, but it holds) if he’s offered an MLB job he’d probably take it, so he doesn’t necessarily want to burn bridges anywhere.

  3. Or Joe D trips over a Mr. Coffee machine and loses as much as hambone…

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