IronPig Game Results 8/4/11 – A New Hope

With my post-season guesses out there the Pigs came back and showed us a win taking down the Durham Bulls tonight by a score of 5 to 3.

Frandsen and Overbeck had multi hit games and Galvis & Rivero (I will refer to them as “The New Two”) combined for a 1 for 8 effort, though Galvis did triple, score a run and collect an RBI.

Bass went 7 innings earning his 6th win. (6-8) He allowed 2 runs on 8 hits, striking out 4 and walking none. DeFratus earned a hold while allowing 3 hits and one run while Michael “Phear the Phro” Schwimer took the ninth with 2 strikeouts to earn his 10th save.


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  1. And I won the trivia – all in all a great night! lol

  2. All right. Chicago dog for lunch again tomorrow. I can always lose weight in the offseason, right?

  3. Told you. Always works. Is it goofy that I’m following paw/buf game on my phone btw?

  4. DId anyone see that nice catch by Frandsen in foul territory in the bottom of the 9th ? Wow !

    I was keeping track of Pawtucket/Buffalo as well. I woke up this morning to see Pawtucket lost, and I was much happier !

    Great job last night by Bass !

  5. You’re right…a new hope. We still have a long way to go!!

  6. Yeah, let’s not discount the ‘AA’ portion of the lineup. These guys have a chance to contribute and may do OK. And remember, as Lefty and I pointed out, as much as we like Brian Bocock: he wasn’t hitting .375, nor was he hitting 20 homers. Even the other guys who’ll take a seat periodically are hitting mid .200s and could use a day off now and again.

    I’m hopeful, and I’m enjoying the ride, indeed. I’m also going to keep the Chicago-style dog fixins nearby just in case. Pigs home a week from tonight.

    turkeysfly! gobblE!

    (PS: just wait, DiPro, next year’s it’s Stones Fly! Right?)

  7. oooh, just had an idea: should we have a tailgate where we all eat Chicago-style dogs before the game next Friday? I’ll cook. I think. Let me check my schedule.

    What am I talking about? go here:

    I’ve had to make a couple minor variations to the recipe, as special ordering ingredients from Chicago hasn’t been desireable:
    -natural casing hot dogs are available at Weis/Kings
    -I’ll often use a steak roll as poppy/hot dog rolls are difficult to find. I’ve also used a wrap to avoid carbs. Regular hot dog rolls are often too small.
    -sport peppers are difficult to find. I’ve used pepperoncini, and now, hot peppers from my garden as I’ve got TONS.
    -I like using a pickle sandwich slice rather than a spear, but both are fine.

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